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Why UCaaS is the Perfect Solution for Hospitality

The light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight as many states are ditching the mask mandates and opening up communities and businesses to maximum capacity. It’s been a long haul, especially for restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, and others in the hospitality field, but thankfully, these companies can start thriving instead of just surviving. 

Not everything will be free and easy from this point forward, though. Due to the pandemic, many organizations have had to adapt to survive, implementing additional technologies to enhance operations, compensating employees for staying home to maintain payrolls, and most importantly, maintaining customer relations. 

Not everyone has had the revenue to make and maintain all these changes over the last year. However, with the economy finally making what appears to be a sustaining upswing, the hospitality industry is due for a big rebound. 

Industry Takes a Hit

Among the challenges hoteliers faced in 2020 were integrating legacy systems, revenue management, and driving ROI for tech investments. Despite the myriad of obstacles, especially on the IT side of the business, the lodging industry still has ample appetite and room for implementing innovations that will upgrade operations and create efficiencies and cost savings.  

This presents an excellent opportunity for the managed service provider community that supports this industry segment. Now is the perfect time to pitch those clients with a comprehensive UCaaS solution- an offering that will optimize spending and internal operations and enhance revenue and customer service options. 

Unified Communications is the way of the future for many businesses, and hotels are uniquely positioned to benefit from these technologies. Let’s dive into a few ways hospitality management can benefit from these investments. 

1. Streamline Operations 

Hotels are always busy, with staff on the move assisting guests, cleaning rooms, performing maintenance, and other similar tasks. The hectic pace of activities can make internal communications difficult and very time-consuming (trying to track down people in large buildings, resorts, and complexes). The widely adopted walkie-talkie certainly doesn’t completely solve this problem either. Did you ever try to understand what someone was saying on an iffy frequency? With UCaaS, this relic of the past is no longer a necessary evil. Employees can utilize mobile devices to take advantage of voice, messaging, and video options, depending on the situation. IP-based telephony makes conversations much clearer and eliminates confusion while increasing efficiency.  

2. Improved Customer Experience 

There is no loftier goal for a hotelier than excellent visitor rankings. You improve customer relations and experiences with a focus on personalized care. UCaaS makes the flow of information between staff and guests seamless. For example, an employee with a mobile device can respond faster to a guest request than someone not in direct communication with other staff and the management teams. Similarly, sending mass text messages to relay emergency information to guests and visitors is much more efficient than going door-to-door or walking the hallways to spread the news. 

Of course, employees staff can also take advantage. UC speeds communications among that group and allows them to connect with guests via text and video for a warmer, more personalized experience. Top that off with an integration to the company’s CRM system, and the options for increasing customer support grow exponentially.   

3. Cost Savings 

Going into what is likely to be a high-traffic summer, many hoteliers want (or need) to maximize profits as much as possible. Because unified communications is a cloud-based service, your clients can avoid the stress and expense of maintaining old equipment, reducing the total cost of ownership while increasing the lines of communications. Additionally, UCaaS allows MSPs to manage and administer these technologies across multiple locations, saving those clients from excessive maintenance and support costs.  

UC for the Win!

Enhancing guest services, increasing productivity, and saving money are just a few of the many benefits of offering your clients a unified communications service. When your customers are on the upswing and looking to make technological advancements, that is the best time for MSPs to make their move.

Don’t miss the chance to be the go-to UCaaS expert for your clients and prospects. Partner with ConnectMeVoice today and get the inside scoop on hospitality communications. 

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