VoIP Phone Solutions for
Virtual Offices

For Businesses On The Move

Establishing a virtual team means gaining access to the most time-sensitive opportunities, working with the best vendors and maintaining constant connection with customers -- no matter their locations.

The only way for this virtual team to operate with productive efficiency is if they're connected through a virtual phone system, with constant connection and clear communications at all times.

Modernizing your operations with a virtual phone system is the only way to survive in today's competitive, on-the-go market. Online collaboration, email, instant messaging, virtual voicemail and electronic fax are all parts of the virtual success equation.

ConnectMeVoice offers comprehensive cloud-based business telecommunications services and hosted phone system solutions to fully meet the needs of your mobile team.

Team, virtualized. Productivity, elevated.
A virtual team, working across time zones or even beyond borders, gains productivity-boosting benefits from operating in the cloud with ConnectMeVoice:

  • No add-ons for hands-off phone service
    Use any standard landline, mobile phone or VoIP phone to access all of your features. With our ConnectAnywhere service, there's no need for installation of special phones or additional hardware.
  • No boundaries for a virtual workplace
    Telephony has transcended the physical office space. Geographical and time constraints no longer apply to the modernized and mobilized business. Route your calls anywhere and at any time with a virtual phone system. Send them straight to voicemail or to email. Unite multiple office locations with one, toll-free number for a seamless caller experience. Use our mobile client to make out bound phone calls with your office phone number. The options are boundless.
  • Take faxing to the cloud
    If you own a traditional fax machine, you can connect it with your ConnectMeVoice dedicated fax line. If you don't have a fax machine -- or if you want to get rid of that bulky fax machine -- your solution is simple: the electronic fax. Send faxes with any computer scanner. Receive, view and store your faxes via email or online.
  • Add in VoIP phones for cost savings and efficiency
    As an option, you may equip some or all of your team members with a VoIP phone. This may include a soft-phone (which runs on your computer or Smartphone), or a business class desktop or cordless phone. Our ConnectDirect offering will provide the most flexible, reliable and cost-effective add on for your Virtual environment.
  • Your calls follow you: when, how and where you want
    A virtual team needs to stay connected at all times and from all locations. Follow-me calling makes that easy, immediately connecting the caller to a virtual team member regardless of his or her location.With follow-me calling, you also get customized call screening: Your team's clients and prospects instantly connect to with them if, how and when they want to be reached. Each employee chooses to either connect right away or transfer those less-urgent calls to voicemail or to other members of the virtual team.
  • Administrate and oversee: anywhere and cost-free
    All virtual phone system features are administered through a user-friendly, intuitive web interface. This is, of course, a crucial factor for virtual teams working from home or on the road, in the U.S. or around the world.With seamless web administration, you're able to change your settings without spending a dime on data or minutes. With virtual voicemail, choose to listen to voicemails online or have them sent to you via email or text message (SMS). Everything is managed seamlessly from wherever you have internet access, no boundaries to burden you.

Don't see a feature or service that you have in mind? Don't worry: ConnectMeVoice is more than happy to work with you and custom design the perfect cloud-based phone system for your virtual team.

If you're still not sold on switching phone services, or if you're unsure that your system even needs an upgrade, we'll help clear things up for you.

Click the button below for a free telephony assessment by a ConnectMeVoice virtual phone system expert. We'll help you come to the best, most cost-effective conclusion about your data and telecommunications needs.

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