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Real estate is by nature a communication-heavy industry. Ninety-four percent of agents contact their clients via email, 91% through telephone calls and 90% by text messaging. With that in mind, the last thing any MSP should be offering their realtor clients is sub-par phone systems.

Responsiveness and prioritizing communication is key to success in industries such as real estate. Especially since agents work from a variety of locations, including their own homes and vehicles, as well as their clients’ houses and shared offices. The phone systems they use must be versatile and accommodating to mobile businesses.

Hosted VoIP solutions can prove extremely beneficial to those types of business clients. How so?

Improved Customer Communications

Many realtors utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to track activities and maintain records of prospective buyers, sellers, and properties. Thanks to the integration capabilities of hosted VoIP solutions, all of this information can be easily accessed right from the phone whenever a client may call.

As for those communications themselves, VoIP offers a variety of features. For example, an incoming call can instantly ring through to the agent’s cell phone or app – the perfect tool for an extremely mobile workforce.

Outgoing communications can mimic the agent’s office number so they don’t have to divulge their personal contact information. Another perfect fit option for realtors is voicemail to email, which allows agents to review messages when they are not available to take a call.

Better Internal Communications

Since many realtors don’t spend a huge amount of time in the office, they often share workspaces, including the same desks and phones. Hosted VoIP allows every employee to have their own individual extension, making it much easier to retrieve messages and eliminate confusion among agents, clients, and other callers.

BLF (Busy Lamp Field) keys let co-workers know if another extension is busy or available. Receptionists, office managers, and other employees can easily see if agents are on a call, regardless of their physical location, minimalizing call times for those trying to reach someone.

Offices with several locations can also aggregate these systems to reduce their phone lines and monthly service charges. That feature allows realtors can use a single receptionist to manage incoming calls for multiple offices – whether on a regular basis or just in the event of an emergency.

Identifier messages can also be placed on calls directed to different sites, making the job for everyone that much easier as agents can immediately get a jump start on the conversation.

Hosted VoIP can also be an educational too. Managers can monitor calls for customer service, sales and support team members, listening in on conversations or joining calls with onsite or remote workers. For a first-time agent, that type of support can be the difference between making or losing million-dollar contracts.

Cost Savings

Every business is conscious of expenses. Fortunately, ConnectMeVoice’s hosted VoIP is a cost-effective option when you consider all the benefits it offers. For example, remote agents can leverage smartphones, PCs, and tablets to take and make calls.

ConnectMeVoice’s call-path-pricing, which charges your clients for the actual amount of lines they use, not the number of phones, will save real estate offices even more!

Not only does this flexible plan offer ensures they pay less each month, but it offers them so much more than traditional phone or VoIP plans. ConnectMeVoice hosted VoIP is the perfect option for your real estate clients.


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