VoIP Support Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult for MSPs with ConnectMeVoice

It happens to every MSP at some point. A client asks explicitly for a technology that is not currently in your firm’s product or services portfolio, or your team discovers a need that they cannot fulfill during an onsite visit. How do you handle those situations/opportunities?

Do you research the solution options and build out the offering inhouse, including everything from design and implementation to long-term support, or do you outsource some of those responsibilities to more experienced in that area? That decision is never easy for MSPs. You can invest a lot of time and other resources before realizing a dollar of revenue.

If new technology adoption is slow (or nonexistent) with other clients and prospects, your company will likely lose money despite all that heavy lifting. Those failures are not only costly from a financial perspective, but they often negatively affect morale, especially among the team members who put all the effort into the project.

Those are two major reasons why MSPs often partner with others to deliver new services. Unless your firm can scale and show a profit with that offering quickly, a common channel best practice is to leverage others’ expertise to keep cost in line while delivering a quality solution.

Complexity Demands High-Level Support

The more moving parts there are, the harder a technology is to manage. While MSPs thrive on innovation and complexity, every team has its limits, especially when asked to support solutions that are critical to a client’s business. There is simply no room for error when their employees, customers, and others depend on the technology to work at a high level 24/7/365.

Communications applications are perfect examples. Employees expect their email and phone systems to work every time without interruption or quirks. Business professionals notice when their inboxes are inactive, or the voice quality drops on a call, or they experience “dead air” or annoying sounds during critical discussions. For sales professionals and other employees who virtually live on their phones each day, those types of issues are both irritating and extremely counterproductive.

The complexity and value of communications, especially in today’s competitive business environment, demand top-notch support. SMBs would be crazy even to consider managing professional-grade email and phone systems without skilled IT professionals to assist with new user set up, outages, or other issues.

Channel Support Options Simplify the Adoption Curve

Providing high-level service for advanced technologies is never easy. The good news is MSPs have more options in 2020. You can take the lead on support, co-manage clients with their in-house IT staff, or pass off some or all those responsibilities to a white label provider (vendor).

Some MSPs ease their way into new technologies as an agent, working as a sales partner for an experienced supplier (peer or vendor), making introductions and “stick handling” details of potential deals. As the comfort level with these offerings increase, providers can amend their support relationships.

For example, MSPs may start shifting help desk calls over time and triage the more complex or time-consuming issues for their specialized tech partners.

Some channel vendors and outsource companies allow providers to shift responsibilities based on personnel availability, time of day, and other factors. That flexibility helps MSPs increase their bench utilization and have backup options in case their tech support team members are unavailable. If someone is sick, leaves your employ, or their workload demands are too high, you simply change the support call algorithm.

Flexible VoIP Support

With decades of voice communications expertise and a committed channel team, ConnectMeVoice understands the support needs of MSPs and your SMB clients. We can help you address gaps in your coverage or handle all VoIP-related calls as your “white-labeled” help desk.

Whether your firm is new to voice communications and needs an assist for a short time, or you would prefer not having to deal with phone-related issues, we have your back. Become a new technology provider and lower the learning curve as a ConnectMeVoice partner.

Contact our team today and learn about our flexible MSP support programs.

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