Here's what some of our clients have to say about the VoIP services and virtual phone systems offered by ConnectMeVoice:

paul nebb partners with connect me voice for VoIP "As an IT Service Professional we've been working exclusively with ConnectMe since the Summer of 2014 and we have hundreds of users on the platform. ConnectMe's partner program enables my company to offer a feature rich Hosted PBX service to our customers as a component of our Managed Services Offering. Their dedicated channel managers and support staff consistently educates us new features which we're able to then pass that knowledge along to our customers. The technical support that ConnectMe offers is miles apart from their competition, if a custom programming need arises or we come across a local network issue we have direct access to a developer who can help us with any tweaks which are implemented often within a few hours! ConnectMe's partner dashboard allows me (as the MSP) to be involved, 99% of anything we need to provision and manage service our client base, we can do through our management portal".

- Paul Nebb, CEO & President of Titan Technologies, Marlboro, NJ

Bobby J. Bishop, CFO, Bob Tedford Chevrolet Co."We have been with ConnectMe Voice for almost a year and have been very pleased with the switch over. Competitive pricing and they offer extensive features which are included with the base price. No nickel and diming or extra fees, as a business owner I really appreciate it. We get great uptime and have had no issues with call quality either. I'd definitely recommend ConnectMe Voice".

- Bobby J. Bishop, CFO, Bob Tedford Chevrolet Co.

John Clements, Owner & VP, Advance Med."We are a medium size company in the healthcare staffing industry with over 25 phones. Our only way of communication is through our phones so we had to pick a company that would have the best phones and features for what we do. Since we have been with ConnectMe we have been very pleased with our phones and the customer service. The customer service is like no other company, much more personable and very attentive should we need anything or have any questions. The lower prices are an added bonus. We highly recommended this company to anyone looking to switch services."

- John Clements, Owner & VP, Advance Med.

"I am impressed with the functionality of the system. Whenever we had a question, customer service was there every time and found solutions to questions we had. It can be a complicated task to structure your company's communications but ConnectMeVoice was there to develop a system that works perfectly for us. It's truly amazing what you can do with this system, and with little effort on our part! Thanks again, ConnectMeVoice, for keeping us in touch with our clients."

- Will Cooper, Accurate Imaging Solutions, Inc.

"Your prompt service and answers to questions made this transition easy and seamless for us. We didn't have to worry about a thing."

- Patrick Schley, Haig-Jackson Communications, Inc.

"I just listened to my voice greeting (performed by the voice talent, Ellen) and it sounds GREAT! I mean really, you guys provide an awesome service by giving small companies the ability to look -- and sound -- as if they're large and established. I have an extensive client list and I have told everyone about your service. Keep up the good work!"

- LaVon B. Grant, Quantum Identity Group

"ConnectMeVoice gave us a huge upgrade in capability at a fraction of the cost of our previous in-house configuration. The system is highly reliable -- since we signed up over a year ago, we have never encountered any downtime. The support staff has been accessible, helpful and responsive, and definitely went the extra mile to customize the system to our specific needs. We are extremely satisfied with the service."

- E.C., Sacramento, California

"Talk about being connected! ConnectMeVoice has made it a snap to keep in contact with our national accounts. No matter where I am, I get my calls because I can forward them to up to six locations. I can even screen the calls, letting them go to voicemail if I'm in the middle of something important. The voicemail service takes the message and then emails me to let me know. When the meeting is over, with the push of one key, I am back to getting my calls."

"I just wanted to take this time to thank your company for the wonderful service I have received over the past fifteen years. I have used the service and my 888# extensively with my different businesses over the years: every time I forget my password or username, every time I'm unsure of how to enter information on the fax on-demand system and every time I have a self-inflicted billing issue. The ConnectMeVoice staff is always willing to assist me. I am planning to keep and use my 888# and their wonderful services for many years to come."

- Jacqui Wilson, TheCorporateOffices.Com

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