VoIP Phone Solutions for

Using a traditional phone system?

If your phone service goes down are you still open and doing business? Possibly, but you surely lose business.

Hosted VoIP services from ConnectMeVoice can help. If there is a problem with your phone system or location, those calls can automatically be routed to a cell phone. This allows people calling in for a reservations to connect to you and make that reservation, preventing lost revenue.

Do you have multiple locations? You could have one reservation desk take customer reservations for all of the locations. And, if one location is extra busy, the overflow calls can be handled live from another location.

Would you like your clients to be able to text your restaurant to see if a table is open or to change a reservation? ConnecMeVoice can set your main phone number up to allow texting.

Whether you are running a single restaurant, or a large chain your telephone communications is critical. Our call path pricing can work across your entire organization helping you to reduce your expenses, while assuring you won't miss that next reservation call.

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