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Customized To Meet The Needs Of Realtors

As a professional realtor, your hosted phone system is a key player in the productivity of your agents and brokers. Your business telecommunications strategy is what keeps them connected to qualified leads, buyers and sellers and the information their clients need.

With information-only messaging, virtual voicemail service and follow-me calling, the productivity of your agents and brokers skyrockets. A powerful business phone system makes it simple to communicate detailed, pre-recorded information about property listings. It allows prospects to contact their realtors directly or through voicemail, getting the answers they need with timely ease.

Smart VoIP services for the cloud-based phone system allow your team to focus their time and effort on serving the needs of qualified buyers and sellers.

Close sales in the cloud with hosted VoIP service
With ConnectMeVoice's ConnectDirect cloud-based PBX service will allow you to completely replace your current phone system and service. This allows you to enjoy all of the enhanced calling features while saving money on your monthly phone service and phone system equipment.

Free up your team from information overload
When you want a prospect to hear a detailed message about a property you're selling, an information-only messaging extension is the most efficient solution. The caller enters the appropriate extension number and listens to your pre-recorded property description. He or she is then transferred back to a menu with options to listen to messages about other properties or contact you by speaking to you directly or leaving a voicemail.

Translate your voicemail system to the next generation
Prospective buyers frequently respond to ads and for-sale signs by calling from their cell phones outside of business hours. After listening to your pre-recorded property description, made possible with information-only messaging, the caller leaves their contact information with you via voicemail. With voicemail-to-text translation, you're immediately notified through email or text message (SMS).

Keep the connections going, on the go
Realtors need to stay connected at all times and from all locations. Follow-me calling makes that easy. When a prospect calls a member of your team, the follow-me service immediately connects the caller to the realtor regardless of the realtor's location. This way, the realtor makes a connection while the prospect is likely still looking at the property -- when interest is highest. Regardless of where your realtors are, their clients and prospects instantly connect to with them if, how and when they want to be reached.

100% Mobility goes beyond follow-me calling
Our mobile client is often described as having a conveniently sized desktop phone in your pocket. Call your office with just a three-digit dial and call clients using your office phone caller ID, even when travelling to another country. This is 100% mobility: 100% connection and 100% accessibility at all times.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned faxing
If you own a traditional fax machine, you can connect it with your ConnectMeVoice dedicated fax line. If you don't have a fax machine -- or if you want to get rid of that bulky fax machine -- your solution is simple: the electronic fax. Send faxes with any computer scanner. Receive, view and store your faxes by email or online.

Don't worry if you have a feature or service in mind that you don't see listed here
ConnectMeVoice is more than happy to work with you and custom design a realtor phone system that meets your team's specific requirements.

Not sure if you're ready to switch phone services, or even if your system needs an upgrade? No problem.

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