Take Your Business Phone System To The Next Level

Our world class cloud-based phone solutions will elevate your business and help you save on communications costs

Hosted VoIP

Get access to the latest and greatest in VoIP technology.

SIP Trunks

Elevate your existing premises-based phone system to the cloud.

Call Centers

Transform and improve the efficiency of your call center.

Virtual Office

Mobilize your business with our Virtual Office solution.


Enhance your existing phone system with VoiceMail & Fax service.

Take your business phone system to the next level with our affordable cloud-based phone solutions. The industry-leading VoIP providers at ConnectMeVoice offer the best in VoIP technology.

Hosted VoIP

Promote your company's flexibility, growth and success with our Hosted VoIP service.

With ConnectMeVoice, you get access to the latest and greatest cloud-based business phone features, while saving on your total communications costs with our affordable call path pricing.

State-of-the-art administration portal and world class heads up display (HUD)

Chrome and Office Outlook Integration

CRM integration

Auto attendant

Ability to turn your Smartphone into an office phone

Call connection at any company location

SMS text messaging straight to your company phone number

Voicemail message to text translation

Call screening and recording

Unlimited extensions

ConnectMeVoice Mobile App

Advanced call center routing, monitoring and reporting

Protect your investment in your premises-based hosted PBX

Use your Internet connectivity as a cost effective and reliable replacement for expensive phones lines or PRI circuits.

Increase your system availability by using our Hosted VoIP service as a backup to your PBX.

Virtual Office

SIP Trunk

Elevate your existing premises-based phone system to the cloud with ConnectMeVoice's SIP Trunk Solution.

Learn more about what Integrating ConnectMeVoice SIP Trunks with your premises-based PBX will do for you!

Call Centers

ConnectMeVoice Call Center Solutions are a part of our Hosted VoIP Service and are a great asset whether you are a large company that needs hosted business phone servicing for one or more call center or a small company that just needs help with call organizing and routing.

Our Call Center Solutions provide the following benefits:

Savings on both upfront and ongoing costs

Real-time display of call center activity

Multiple queues with flexible timeout and routing options

Advanced reporting on queue activity and statistics

Ability to route calls to any type of phone: Route your calls to our VoIP phones, home phones or even cell phones

Chat application that allows for messaging to individuals or entire departments

Monitoring and transferring of calls using our heads up display

Our Call Center Solutions also offer several call routing options, including:

Round-robin routing

Simultaneous routing

Sequential routing

Skills-based routing using customizable tiers and levels

No additional hardware required

Electronic fax sending and receiving capability

Option to use your own phone line or mobile phones

Ability to send and receive text messages from your ConnectMeVoice number for better connectivity

Ability to locate your employers anywhere

Auto-attendant greeting option

Voicemail message to text or email translation

Direct connection with no need to enter any digits

Ability to use local or toll-free numbers from any area in the country

Caller ID and name identification

Option to have your current business number transferred to our system

Option to play music or your company message for for callers on hold

Virtual Office

Mobilize your business with our Virtual Office solution, ConnectAnywhere.

ConnectAnywhere is an all-inclusive solution that gives you the capability to take your business on the go. This cloud-based hosted PBX solution eliminates the need for your own premises-based PBX and gives you access to our industry-leading Hosted VoIP features while on the go.

Our Virtual Office service is available at the low price of $14.95 (400 minutes) per month or $24.95 (1000 minutes) per month.

VoiceMail & Fax

Get our VoiceMail & Fax Copy service, ConnectMessage, for your business phone system for only $9.95* a month!

*Local-number plans include unlimited use. Plans using a toll-free number include 100 free minutes per month, with overage at 3.9 cents per minute. Unlimited-use numbers are designed for normal business use. Local numbers used for mass marketing may be subject to restrictions regarding the total number of simultaneous calls.

Voicemail access via your phone, online, email or text

Complimentary toll-free fax number to receive faxes

Voicemail-to-email or text message translation service availability

Up to 25 extensions available

Flexible listening, viewing and controlling from any office setting as well as mobile devices

Electronic fax capability that allows you to fax your documents directly from your computer

Question and answer capability

Send and receive text messages from your ConnectMeVoice phone number

Unlimited message capacity

Information-only mailbox with voice-on-demand feature that allows your callers listen to a pre-recorded message without having to leave a voicemail

Industry-Leading VoIP Providers Are Standing By

The VoIP providers at ConnectMeVoice are standing by with the virtual phone system you need to skyrocket your company's connectivity potential.