Use VoIP as an Entry Point to Dealerships by partnering with ConnectMeVoice

Creating seamless and efficient communication is essential for just about any business that wants to improve its customer service, but even more so for those that sell automobiles, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs and other types of vehicles.

With multiple departments such as sales, finance, service, and parts all communicating internally and externally, the ability to streamline information and manage the flow of messages is essential to quality service. Many dealers also have both office-based and mobile workers, so utilizing the best in hosted VoIP can give your clients a valuable tool and a distinct competitive advantage.

Let’s dive into a few of the ways that these communications solutions can benefit your local dealerships as well as your business.

1. Better Than PBX

Hosted VoIP offers a vast array of features that users could not get in a traditional PBX phone system. For example, incoming calls can instantly ring through to the preferred office, cell-phone, or even mobile app, minimizing the need for a central operator. This benefit can also reduce hold times for dealers’ prospects and suppliers. With so many different departments, streamlining their communications is not only necessary, but reduces the chances callers will get frustrated, hang up, and dial up a competitor. If the line is busy, the call center feature will queue calls for whichever division is needed.

2. Accommodate a Sales Team On-the-Go

Sales team members are often away from their desks greeting prospects, clearing snow from cars in cold weather, or moving vehicles. To make life a little easier for these employees while not causing a hassle for those trying to reach them, VoIP offers SMS integrations and enables text ‒ not just voice. Outgoing calls from personal devices can mimic office numbers, so if a staff member is away and wants to follow up with a prospect, they can feel comfortable knowing they don’t have to give out their private number. Employees can also benefit from voicemail to email, which lets them review messages when not at their desk.

3. Increase Customer Retention

Dealerships are all about customer retention ‒ so you can bet they’ll be using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to track the activities of both prospective buyers and past clients. Hosted VoIP easily integrates with these solutions, which promptly pull up account information for each incoming call with an associated phone number. Sales, service, finance, and other departments can all benefit greatly from having this data instantaneously available. For example, this feature can help strengthen sales and supplier relationships and streamline transactions to improve the dealership’s productivity and income opportunities.

4. Reduce Costs

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages your clients will find switching to hosted VoIP is the elimination of on-premise server equipment and the money saved on maintenance. When you move a dealer’s communications to the cloud, they will no longer have to worry about purchasing new equipment or hassling with expensive hardware and support contracts. Your clients can also save money with Call Path Pricing, an exclusive ConnectMeVoice feature that allows companies to pay only for the lines they use, not the total number of phones. That can lead to substantial savings when business is slow.

Verticals for the Win

As an MSP, it is essential to target several markets, and dealerships are a great place to start. Begin by communicating to these prospects how you can strengthen and streamline their communications and lower their overall phone costs. Hosted VoIP offers such a wide range of benefits for dealerships that there’s no way the decision makers can ignore the opportunity!

Best of all, these vital communications offerings often open the door to additional solutions and support sales, not to mention higher recurring revenue streams and margins. That is why hosted VoIP is the perfect entry point into new verticals.


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