Uncover New VoIP Opportunities by Asking These Questions

Uncover New VoIP Opportunities by Asking These Questions

The SMB serves as the “food and water” sustenance that fuels many managed services businesses, and for a good reason. This specific organizational demographic has a multitude of needs that are constantly evolving in the age of COVID. With few if any IT resources, they can use a guiding (and helping) hand.  

During the early part of the pandemic, it was difficult to get clients’ attention and have a genuine conversation due to all the confusion and panic. Over the next few months, that changed, and now that it’s easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel, MSPs should take the opportunity to sit down (physically or virtually) to discuss pain points and options. 

One of the areas of focus should be communications. There isn’t a single business that doesn’t benefit from collaboration with colleagues, partners, customers, and investors through the use of various technologies. Think phones, video chats, messaging, email, and other communications platforms. 

With the right hosted VoIP plan, MSPs can make almost every facet of communication easier, more intuitive, and cost-effective for their clients. While you may recognize all the benefits of utilizing IP-based telephony, do the businesses you support understand how these technologies can help their operations? How can you effectively convey that information? 

Start with these questions.   

1. How are you? 

While this question might seem far too simple, it shows you care. It may also have been a while since you’ve had an opportunity to check in on them. Business owners aren’t looking for another faceless company to pay for a service; they want to work with people they can genuinely connect with, trust and depend on for support. Especially when it comes to technology, one can never be too friendly and sympathetic.  

2. Are you happy with your current phone systems, service, and provider? 

Voice communications remain a necessity, but the number of problems caused by poorly implemented and supported technologies may be causing difficulties or be inefficient. Your clients will likely have some gripe about their service; outdated hardware, limited features, inconvenient support, or one of the numerous other potential complaints. Starting with a question about their current setup gets right to the heart of the problem and allows you to understand their pain points better.   

3. What does your current work environment look like?

 Will your clients’ remote or hybrid options continue after the pandemic? A significant number of organizations moved to WFH environments last March, many with little to no experience on how to make all their systems and people work efficiently. More than a year later, many are still struggling to find ways to support their customers and partners in a professional manner. This question is a great lead-in to discussing how hosted VoIP supports remote and hybrid workforces, from mobile applications and call routing options to email and text notifications. 

4. Are you comfortable with your current phone bill? 

There’s nothing quite as enticing for SMBs as the prospect of saving money (though that probably applies to most people in general). Getting a new phone system doesn’t have to be painful and expensive. With ConnectMeVoice, the conversion process is easy, and the savings can add up quickly. Businesses can continue using their current phones and pay only for the actual number of lines they use each month with Call Path Pricing. The great thing for MSPs is you can set your own pricing and control the margins!

Use Your Time Wisely 

Everyone is busy today. Business leaders are no different, and they often overlook systems they put in place years ago. Now is the perfect time to refresh their technology and empower their teams with greater collaborative opportunities.  

Phone systems are the perfect place to start. MSPs can emphasize the benefits of unified communications and hosted VoIP by highlighting the features that can relieve specific pain points. The ease of implementation and the cost savings are typically great places to start.

Convincing people to make a change can be difficult. But, when you actively engage them in conversation and stick to the key points with business, your chances of selling them on new solutions will dramatically increase.  

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