Tis the Season for Hosted VoIP

Tis the Season for Hosted VoIP

Most conventional workplaces used to have a locally-hosted phone system that provides separate lines for each employee. Not surprisingly, that can be quite expensive due to the initial investment, maintenance and service fees.

Thankfully, we are in a more advanced business era and the traditional workspace is quickly changing. Employees expect to have more freedom, such as working offsite, and companies must save time and money where they can. Allowing your customers to fall behind in those areas can prove detrimental.

Hosted VoIP systems have all the features needed to allow your client’s employees more flexibility and improve their time management during the busy holiday season.

Turn Mobility Devices into Office Phones

With all the additional activities that come along this time of year, it can be extremely beneficial to use a cell phone instead of being chained to a desk waiting for calls or participating in meetings. Voice over internet protocol systems allow your clients to do just that with valuable features such as:

1. Text Notifications. No need to worry about missing voicemails or faxes because, with the right hosted VoIP system, employees will receive an SMS text on their mobile phone whenever a message is received. The same flexibility applies to voicemails. With voice to text options, incoming messages will be transcribed and sent directly to the user.

2. Do Not Disturb. As much as business requires everyone to always be connected today, when it comes to family and taking time for oneself, a ‘do not disturb’ option is highly valued. That feature allows your customers to set their status to ‘unavailable” anytime they need a break (i.e., family time during the holidays). When set, all incoming calls will be treated as if the line is busy.

3. Call Routing. Whether working from home to spend more time with loved ones, or out shopping for last minute presents, business owners and key staff members may still need to be accessible to employees or clients. Hosted VoIP can route calls to any phone based on time of day, day of week criteria, and can be answered with a number of powerful screening options.

4. Holiday Greetings. Keep customers and partners in the loop. Hosted VoIP makes it easy to record and set an out-of-office or fun vacation message for a specific time frame.

Easier Access for Remote Workers

Effective and consistent communication is even more important for small businesses with employees who work from home. Whether that situation is temporary during the holidays or a long-term option, a cloud-based phone system provides much easier access for remote workers. By utilizing apps and private VPNs, executives can rest easy knowing their employees are operating efficiently and securely with a secure hosted VoIP solution.

Here are a couple things MSPs can do to ensure their customers offsite work environments are well protected so their holidays don’t quickly turn into business emergencies:

1. Virtual Private Networks. In a recent study by Spiceworks, 61% of organizations said their employees connect company-owned devices to public Wi-Fi networks when working outside of the office. The most common locations include hotels, airports, and cafes. That’s why VPNs are essential, allowing employees to connect safely and securely to the internet, and share business critical data without having to worry about cyberattacks.

2. Remote Monitoring and Management. This remains one of the best services your MSP can offer. As many SMBs don’t have the capacity to employ their own IT personnel, the ability to have a trusted professional remotely watching for and fixing potential issues is a major advantage. That support is especially important when employees are working offsite during the holidays and encounter problems in the off-hours.

It’s a great time to sell your clients on the benefits of remote workforce tools like hosted VoIP system. The holiday season and end of 2018 are fast approaching, giving your customers even more reasons to consider all the benefits of these flexible platforms.

Yes, it ‘tis the season for remote work. Consider partnering with ConnectMeVoice to offer these flexible and inexpensive solutions while increasing your revenue and margins. Learn more about all the opportunities in hosted VoIP today!

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