The Value of VoIP Goes Beyond the Phone. A More Efficient Way Forward for Your SMB Clients

The Value of VoIP Goes Beyond the Phone

A More Efficient Way Forward for Your SMB Clients

VoIP is an easy and inexpensive tool that allows your customers to gain more flexibility in their most valued business communications platform. From offering a cloud-based infrastructure to powerful mobility features, the benefits are clear. Considering most companies rely on phones to work every day, why wouldn’t they want to switch?

Voice communications utilize IP standards, which make it an ideal expansion platform for moving business solutions beyond the traditional phone experience. One such benefit is being able to integrate it with the systems your clients already use! From CRM to project management and email, you’ll find a multitude of uses for VoIP systems, including some you’ve never even considered.

Customer Relationship Management

Probably one of the most obvious ways to implement VoIP into the systems you and your clients already use is to link it with customer relationship management solutions. CRM compiles consumer data and organizes it to make sales management easier. IP-based telephony will automatically logs calls, freeing up the time that your clients spend manually inputting info.

Another significant advantage is the ease of locating customer data during calls. For example, when a call comes in from a number attached to a current account, the information for that customer will automatically display on the users’ screen. Those details include things such as the length of the previous calls, contact and billing information and previous discussion topics and purchases. Representatives can also utilize click-to-call without ever leaving the account in the CRM solution.


Recruitment application integrations offer similar functionality and advantages. Keeping prospective hire data orderly, identifying and posting to job boards, as well as searching for an applicant’s information can all be accomplished through these connected systems.

Hiring can be extremely stressful, especially when the process takes too long. When you implement VoIP, the recruitment process will be significantly streamlined. Users can pull up the candidate’s contact information, resume, letter of recommendation, and any other relevant data via phone.

Email Integrations

Just as voice communications are an integral part of business relations, so too is email – so why not use them in tandem? Integrating VoIP with current email services allows users to access contact information on their phone network, making for one less step when contacting clients and partners. Another big advantage for end users is being able to check phone messages without leaving their computer. When you combine these formerly separate forms of communication for your clients, it helps organize and improve their work processes.


Accounting software is essential for tracking transactions and ensuring timely payments. When it comes to finances, businesses can never be too cautious, especially when the health of their cash flow depends on quick payment.

Adding IP voice communications to the accounting mix allows your clients to keep an eye on their transactions right from their phones! One of the best features financial advisers will appreciate is the ability to send automatic reminders to customers who have yet to pay their bills, as well as to their own department heads who haven’t paid for supplies.

Leverage Integrations to Win More Customers!

Streamlining all of these day-to-day activities is essential when building a highly efficient workplace. That’s the value of voice integrations. Automation is the future. MSPs with the knowledge and skills to connect and enable larger platforms of solutions are differentiating their businesses and enjoying more success today.

With a dependable hosted VoIP supplier on your side, you and your clients can spend less time on mundane processes and focus more on the things that drive new sales opportunities and increase your revenue.

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