The Four Things MSPs Need from VoIP Suppliers from ConnectMeVoice

IT professionals are nothing if not adaptable. Throughout the years, they have made huge strides in changing their business model to accommodate their clientele – from the early days of storefront sales and break-fix support to today’s full-fledged managed services operations. There is a wide array of services and software that MSPs can offer, yet it is nearly impossible for most IT pros to deliver every one of those options personally.

Partnerships are your lifeline. Not only do tech alliances help free up time for all parties involved, but they ensure that your customers are getting the best possible solution and support.

Communications make a great example. Hosted VoIP has become a business essential, and many MSPs are taking advantage of this growing need and area of opportunity by partnering with experienced providers. Like any service, there are numerous options, and it can be challenging to determine how to provide each client with the best features and support at a reasonable price.

The goal is to deliver cost-effective and budget-friendly communications platforms to your customers with healthy profit margins for your MSP. A quality hosted VoIP provider will meet all those objectives   

What should you look for in a communications services partner? Ensure that they can cover these four areas for starters:

1. Feature-Rich

The functionality that IP-based telephony brings to the table, beyond keeping the standard phone operations, really sets it apart. For example, hosted VoIP adds professionalism to an organization with pre-recorded directories, multi-line call waiting, and hold music or announcements. Your clients can also gain the flexibility of communicating through voice, SMS, and video with hosted VoIP. Every phone system has voicemail, but your clients will love having messages go straight to text or email. With the right voice solution, multi-tasking employees can respond to inquiries left on voicemail without ever dropping off a call.

2. Mobility

For a dispersed workforce, one cannot underestimate the power of reliable mobile communications. The WFH movement is practically mandatory for many businesses, making the ability to work from anywhere at any time essential. VoIP not only gives distributed workforces reliable communications, but it can provide your clients with a wealth of other features to manage key systems without any added tedium. Who needs an office phone when workers can use personal devices such as their cellphones, laptops, or tablets to make and take calls?

Mobile applications also allow employees to change call routing, receive messages via text, and use regular phone functions.

3. Integrations

Connecting work applications streamlines operations and eliminates headaches for your clients and their customers. For example, when you integrate VoIP with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, customer account information will pop up whenever an employee makes or receives a call from a known contact. This integration also automatically logs calls, freeing up time workers would normally spend manually inputting that data.

Microsoft Teams is another option. Integrating this application with IP-based telephony is a great way to differentiate your MSP from the competition. This connection allows your clients to make and receive calls directly from Microsoft 365 using a variety of devices.

A quality hosted VoIP application will also integrate with accounting applications to track transactions and communications easily and increase productivity.

4. Pricing Flexibility

Many providers have a one-size-fits-all pricing model. However, with the right hosted VoIP partner, you can ease your clients’ stress and pocketbooks while strengthening your company’s bottom line. With ConnectMeVoice’s revolutionary Call Path Pricing model, your customers only pay for the phones they use, not the total number of potential lines in operation.

That flexibility is especially beneficial for companies in flux, those moving to a WFH remote model or temporarily downsizing until business conditions are more favorable. A monthly bill that fluctuates based on activities and needs is something very few organizations will pass up.

A Voice Partner You Can Count On

Hosted VoIP is an excellent addition to any MSP’s service portfolio, but it can be a hindrance if the features and abilities don’t live up to your expectations or those of your clients.

The search for the right provider stops here. ConnectMeVoice offers all the features above and more. Our partners get customizable applications with revolutionary pricing and exceptional support.

Learn more about partnering with ConnectMeVoice today! Contact our team at 800-742-1208 or visit our partner page.

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