Cleatus Davis

Ultimate IT Guys

“Decided to get into Voice over IP since we had competition coming in and if it’s something we have to put effort into, we might as well make some extra money.”

“Ultimately, we’re not selling VoIP as a standalone thing. It’s a value added for current customers and potential customers along the way. It just helps us get more of their money but also saves them money, so it is a win-win.”

“We cut one of our customer’s bills by at least half if not by two thirds.”

“We definitely enjoy having the extra money.”


Nick Kershner

Matchless IT

We found ConnectMeVoice by Cloudli at the first ASCII meeting of 2019.

We had a configuration need that no modern phone system was able to provide.

We presented the problem to ConnectMeVoice by Cloudli and within a week they had solved our years-old problem that kept us from deploying voice to an entire industry that was previously untouchable.”


Paul Nebb

Titan Technologies

“As an IT service professional, we've been working exclusively with ConnectMeVoice by Cloudli since the summer of 2014 and we have hundreds of users on the platform.”

“[The] partner program enables my company to offer a feature rich Hosted PBX service to our customers as a component of our managed services offering.”

“ConnectMeVoice by Cloudli's partner dashboard allows me (as the MSP) to be involved. 99% of anything we need to provision and manage service for our client base we can do through our management portal".