Critical Projects for Your Clients with UCaaS Savings with ConnectMeVoice

IT service providers often used to avoid selling VoIP and collaborative communications platforms because those systems were outside their comfort zone or technology skillset. Whether put off by stories of server issues or complicated configurations or not desiring additional after-hours headaches in their already busy workdays, MSPs often avoided these systems altogether.

Those issues are no longer a factor, thanks to today’s UCaaS solutions. Without complex applications and complex hardware arrangements, these modern communications systems are easy for MSPs to deploy and maintain, especially when a reputable supplier has their back. With hosted VoIP, IT services professionals don’t need years of experience installing phones, servers, and related software to support the latest solutions.

That’s great news for your clients. Many businesses are grappling with issues today that they have never encountered before with the COVID-19 crisis, including shifting office employees to remote work environments. In most cases, business leaders have little or no time to plan out and implement these transitions.

Last-minute state and local directives, some of which gave companies and their IT teams 48 hours or less to shutter main facilities, left many scrambling to brainstorm ideas and roll out temporary solutions. UCaaS was instrumental in streamlining the transition to remote workspaces for many of those organizations. With those solutions in place, employees can make and receive calls using their regular business extensions and collectively collaborate with co-workers, customers, and others.

Perhaps one of the greatest things your clients will appreciate about hosted VoIP is the money they will save during and after the crisis. When everything returns to normal, and those businesses toss aside their costly traditional phone lines or onsite telephony systems, they’ll free up money that can be used towards new projects, including automation and other improvements. Those upgrades can help you and your clients set a clearer path to recovery.

Improve Communications, Improve Success

Integrations are a crucial part of UCaaS platforms. Microsoft Teams are a great example. When integrated with a hosted VoIP solution like ConnectMeVoice, your clients’ remote communications and collaborations options multiply ‒ along with their loyalty to your MSP.

Voice expertise creates ‘stickiness’ and helps foster higher-value relationships that lead to additional project and support opportunities over the long run.

Integrations give your clients more flexibility and power. With Teams and ConnectMeVoice, businesses can make and receive calls from Office 365, get individual numbers and extensions, and use a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, and smartphones. That’s a powerful business solution with benefits that will last long after everyone returns to their normal business routines.

UCaaS Pays for Other Improvement Projects

If the current situation lasts longer than expected, your clients cash flow could suffer. Imagine being able to show your clients how much they saved on telecom after the crisis. Chances are good that the transition to a remote workforce will uncover some issues and system needs that those businesses will want to address when the quarantine lifts and offices reopen.

MSPs can leverage hosted VoIP savings to pay for those other IT projects. For example, if a customer needs infrastructure upgrades, new backup and disaster solutions, or network improvements, they can shift funds from their telecom budget to cover increased IT procurement costs.

ConnectMeVoice Call Path pricing can increase your margins, too. ConnectMeVoice lets MSPs decide what their customers pay, ensuring that you can make respectable margins. Call Path pricing means businesses only pay for the lines they use, but our partner plan allows MSPs to set their own rate structure, including by phone.

The reality is that if you’re not selling hosted VoIP, someone else will. That takes away the leverage you need to sell other projects or put cash back in the hands of your clients.

Continue being the hero your clients deserve. Help those businesses get back on their feet and provide your customers with greater remote work flexibility today ‒ and in the future.

When you can sell a service that saves your clients money while also shoring up your bottom line during recovery, it creates a win-win situation that anyone should be hard-pressed to pass up — partner with ConnectMeVoice.

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