VoIP Phone Solutions for
Small Business

Business Phone Systems That Make A Big Impact

Just because you have a small business doesn't mean you have to look and sound small. With the right small business VoIP phone service, you have an opportunity to make a big impression on your current and prospective clientele.

As a small business or startup, you don't want to appear underdeveloped or inexperienced to your prospects, clients or customers. One way to prevent a small impression from getting in the way of your company's success is through your business phone system.

Does your voice greeting sound like a professional, stabilized business or more like a fledgling office startup? Are your menu options clear and easy to use? Is call routing fast and error-free? Processing incoming calls quickly and efficiently is a sure sign of a company that's serious about communications, productivity and long-term success.

Elevate your company's voice with small business VoIP
ConnectMeVoice VoIP services for small businesses allow you to present your company with the professional polish of an established corporation. Take it a step further with our enterprise-level ConnectDirect service [links to: Services / ConnectDirect], which makes it simple, seamless and affordable for your company to take on the voice of a Fortune 500 enterprise.

CMV's business communications packages include the latest in cloud-based, virtual PBX, including -- but not limited to -- the following:

  • Comprehensive VoIP phone services
  • Voicemail-to-email translation and electronic fax
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) and auto-receptionist
  • Outbound dialing solutions for customer acquisition, conversion and retention
  • Specialized, error-free call routing
  • Enterprise-level VoIP solutions

All virtual phone systems are customized to meet each company's data bandwidth and telecommunications demands without the expenses and hassles of traditional systems.

  • No add-ons for hands-off phone service
    Use any standard landline, mobile phone or VoIP phone to access all of your features. With our ConnectMessage service and ConnectAnywhere service, there's no need for installation of special phones or additional hardware.
  • No boundaries for a virtual workplace
    Business telephony has transcended the physical office space. Geographical and time constraints no longer apply to the modernized and mobilized business. Route your calls anywhere and at any time with a cloud-based, hosted phone system. Route your calls anywhere and at any time. Send them straight to voicemail or to email. Unite multiple office locations with one, toll-free number for a seamless caller experience. The options are boundless.
  • Refashion your faxing
    If you own a traditional fax machine, you can connect it with your ConnectMeVoice dedicated fax line. This goes beyond traditional faxing, since your documents are stored online, and are available even if your fax machine is broken. If you don't have a fax machine -- or if you want to get rid of that bulky fax machine -- your solution is simple: the electronic fax. Send faxes with any computer scanner. Receive, view and store your faxes via email or online.
  • Don't let disasters disrupt your telecommunications:
    Our cloud-based phone systems stay operational -- even during hurricanes and inclement weather. If you cannot get to your office, or if your office has a power or internet outage, we'll route your calls to your mobile phones or to another office location. This way, your customers are always able to reach you.
  • Always room to grow in the cloud
    If your small business grows out of its small space, mobilizing your phone system to a larger office is simple and seamless. No additional fees. ConnectMeVoice continues to host your phone services in the cloud, so you have the ability to expand and upgrade with cost-efficient ease.

With ConnectMeVoice, you get big company phone features priced with small businesses and startups in mind.

Not sure if you're ready to switch phone services, or even if your business phone system needs an upgrade? No problem.

Click the button below for a free telephony assessment by a ConnectMeVoice business phone system expert. We'll help you come to the best, most cost-effective conclusion about your data and telecommunications needs.

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