Other VoIP Phones and Devices

ConnectMeVoice supports a full line of other VoIP brands and phones.

Aastra (Mitel)

ConnectMeVoice supports the Mitel 6700 and 6800 series SIP phones. Mitel SIP phones offer exceptional features and flexibility in an open-standard enterprise grade IP telephone. Some specific supported models are the: Mitel 6873i, Mitel 6869i, Mitel 6867i, Mitel 6865i, & Mitel 6863i.


ConnectMeVoice supports the Grandstream IP phones, GXP2170, GXP2135, & the cordless WiFi phone WP820. These High-End IP phones are designed for users who are often on the phone and need access to advanced features, line support and usability options. Get more done, handle more calls, and keep in touch with more people.

CounterPath – Bria Softphone

ConnectMeVoice supports the CounterPath softphone, Bria. Bria is your interface for business-class communications. Connect Bria with ConnectMeVoice’s VoIP service to access your lines of communications no matter anywhere you are.

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