No More Phone Tax Headaches for You or Your MSP’s Clients with ConnectMeVoice

Do you have a lot of spare time on your hands and a passion for crunching numbers using archaic government-supplied formulas? If you’re like virtually every other business owner or manager, the answer is a resounding “NO!” Add a few exclamation points to that for MSPs, especially those who prefer spending their time on business development or developing technology solutions that will help grow their business.

No one likes dealing with taxes and bureaucratic red tape. Your clients hate it and, if you’re like most MSPs, you don’t enjoy spending time and precious brainpower handling an issue that would be better left to an accountant or look forward to registering and working with the SeC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and other government agencies. You likely have much better things to do with your time, like making a sizable profit delivering hosted VoIP using your company’s brand.

That is precisely why some MSPs avoid any solutions or technology fields that involve collecting and paying various taxes and fees for their clients, including phone-related services. Who wants to be responsible for processes that, if done wrong, could result in penalties and all sorts of headaches?

Here’s just one example of the complexity: a client based in New York City could be subject to each of the following taxes and fees (depending on local jurisdictions).                                                                                                                  

  • State Sales Tax
  • Local Gross Receipts Tax
  • County Sales Tax
  • Surcharge on Excise Tax
  • Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District Sale Tax
  • Federal Universal Service Fund
  • State Excise Tax
  • Federal Telecommunications Relay Services Fund (TRS)
  • FCC Cost Recovery Fee
  • 911 Surcharge
  • CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) Compliance Fee
  • Emergency 911 Cost Recovery
  • Regulatory Recovery Fee


Your clients in less regulated states aren’t immune from paying a long list of taxes and fees either. For example, a business in Corpus Christi, Texas will incur the following charges on each phone line:

  • Municipal Right-of-way Fee
  • City Sales Tax
  • FCC Cost Recovery Fee
  • State Sales Tax
  • Corpus Christi MTA
  • 911 Surcharge – VoIP Commercial lines
  • Federal Universal Service Fund
  • Federal TRS
  • 911 Equalization Fee
  • CALEA Compliance Fee
  • Emergency 911 Cost Recovery
  • Regulatory Recovery Fee


Collecting payment for managed services is tough enough. MSPs shouldn’t have to spend precious time calculating fees and navigating various formulas to determine the right payment for each phone line under their management and forward payments to a long list of local, state and Federal government agencies. Unless you have a team member with a passion for those financial processes, do you really need the headaches?

ConnectMeVoice helps its partners avoid those problems without compromising other benefits such as pricing and branding control, robust margins, and simplicity. Other VoIP suppliers make MSPs give up one if not more of those key channel advantages. Why settle for less?

A Less “Taxing” Way for MSPs to Provide VoIP

The problem with channel professionals choosing to avoid telephony to simplify their lives is that your clients need these services today more than ever before. When was the last time you came across a business without a phone? The reality is that voice communications are not just the tried-and-true commercial standard, but cloud-based VoIP and UC solutions are gaining traction in virtually every market.

If you don’t offer these services, someone else will. Allowing other providers to gain inroads into your client base is asking for trouble. Regardless of those organizations’ specializations, chances are they’re already offering, if not pitching, IT services to your firm’s customers.

From the Fortune 500 telecoms to the smallest regional phone company, each wants to get more wallet share from your clients. That’s a threat MSPs can neutralize quickly. Replacing costly landlines with cloud-based VoIP solutions makes you the hero, and when you partner with ConnectMeVoice for those services, the taxation headaches go away.

Why take on those responsibilities yourself? ConnectMeVoice handles all federal, state, and local taxation and eliminates all that frustration for MSPs (and your clients).

No more headaches. No more complex calculations and concerns that something will fall through the cracks and negatively affect your business or your customers. Partnering with ConnectMeVoice lets you focus on what really matters: providing business quality phone service to your clients under your brand while generating highly profitable recurring monthly revenue.

Eliminate phone taxation pressures today. Read more about the ConnectMeVoice channel program and sign up today!

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