Leverage VoIP to Grow Your Legal Vertical Sales Connecting Voice to the SMB with ConnectMeVoice

Lawyers are often on the move, appearing in court and going to meetings with clients, all while taking calls on cases and handling other tasks in between. Today’s attorneys need tools that seamlessly transition phone conversations from their inside office lines to external devices without interruption. Having robust, mobile, and reliable business communications are essential for every firm, from the family office to large corporate practices.

No matter the size or specialty of an attorney, they must manage every task while presenting a professional and well-managed image of their firms. One of the best ways for MSPs to help lawyers achieve that level of expertise is by providing them with a hosted VoIP phone system. In such a high-stakes field, feature-rich voice communications can help their clients feel well cared for from the very first conversation.

These effective communication systems can aid attorneys in creating long-lasting relationships between their firms and clients. What do IP-based phone technologies have to offer the legal practices your MSP supports?

First Impressions

Often the first point of contact with a new client is a phone call, and the last thing anyone wants to listen to is low-quality call waiting music or the classic ‘never-ending’ ring. A VoIP auto-attendant can answer using pre-recorded messages, including a directory categorized by department, extensions, last names, etc. These systems can play uploaded (or standard) music or marketing messages when someone is placed on hold, with different content for each repeat caller to avoid annoyingly repetitive loops of information.

Building Relationships

Perhaps one of the best features hosted VoIP has to offer is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrations. When these systems are connected, legal firms’ employees can receive pop-ups with relevant customer information when calls come in from a number attached to existing accounts. That data may include details of previous calls, length of conversations (important for billing), and the topic of each discussion. Not only does this technology allow attorneys to pick up where their conversations left off, but it improves the customer experience. Clients will feel more important and believe the attorney is genuinely paying attention and listening to their legal needs.

Stay Connected

Lawyers are often outside of the office, and a phone system that can follow them anywhere is key to an efficient and professional practice. IP-based telephony eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line, allowing users to utilize their smartphones in the same way as their business line. Giving a client a personal number can look unprofessional and lead to privacy and safety issues. Hosted VoIP allows attorneys to permanently route calls to their mobile or temporarily provide access for top clients or when on call for the firm. Voicemails and faxes can also be directly sent via email or text, circumventing the need to return to the office to access critical information.

Reduced Communication Costs

VoIP not only has many advanced features, but it also saves your clients money. It doesn’t require as many hardware resources as traditional phones, and your customers can leverage the technology on their own personal devices. ConnectMeVoice’s unique Call Path Pricing model enhances those savings by basing the cost on the lines they use each month, not the number of phones. This program is extremely handy for firms looking to grow with a limited budget or possibly downsize in the future. To top it off, neither you nor your clients need to sign a contract with ConnectMeVoice. Firms can pay month-to-month while you watch your MSP’s profit margins rise.

Improve the Communications Experience

Are you providing hosted VoIP phone systems for your legal clients? Why not improve the communications experience for your clients and their customers.

Help law firms provide professional, quality service through a robust and highly adaptive solution. Contact the ConnectMeVoice partner team today and let us help you put all the right pieces in place.

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