Now and then, businesses must reevaluate and adapt their workplace to be sure they can attract and retain employees from various generations from ConnectMeVoice

Leverage Unified Communications to Bridge the Generation Gap

Now and then, businesses must reevaluate and adapt their workplace to be sure they can attract and retain employees from various generations. What are those in the job market looking for, and what changes could help the organization better compete in this high-demand and low supply environment?

Companies have always made adjustments to accommodate the shifting preferences of employees. While Millennials take much of the blame, labor unions have been pushing workforce changes for more than a century, as have more proactive businesses looking to recruit the best and brightest talent.

Today, those actions are important investments. Each generation expects different things in the workplace. From hiring and onboarding new employees to the day-to-day interactions between teams and managers, Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Baby Boomers react, communicate, and collaborate in their own unique ways. That’s somewhat of a generalization, as not everyone fits perfectly in their specific category, but employers must recognize and address the potential disparities.

For example, many of those entering the workforce today look for a technology-driven environment, flexible work schedules, and an employee-focused culture. Companies that can match their ecosystems to their recruitment targets have a higher likelihood of being successful.

Keep Up with the Times

While everyone was busy bashing Millennials, a new generation of employee prospects came of age. Gen Z, which includes those born between the late ’90s and early 2010s, quickly became a force within today’s labor force. As with other age groups, their priorities and needs are vastly different from their predecessors, even the frequently criticized but fairly misunderstood Millennials.

Many companies are not looking far enough out to consider the needs and desires of this most recent group to enter the workforce. MSPs are in a prime position to help businesses (especially the SMB) make that leap and tailor their systems to address Gen Z’s critical needs and desires. What could you do to help your clients attract the best candidates?

38% of Gen Z job seekers consider a healthy work-life balance a top priority when choosing an employer. No one wants to be restricted to a single area −stuck in a cubicle or stuck in a windowless room. Those in the modern workforce expect to be able to work from virtually anywhere, anytime, using any device. Research shows that 90% of employees value human connection when it comes to coworker interactions and prefer to join a company with a more collaborative/ team-friendly environment. A similar number of people (91%) categorize technological sophistication as a workplace essential when choosing an employer.

UCaaS can help your clients address all of those inclinations. Gen Z employees can enjoy the flexibility of communicating with colleagues from anywhere using technologies that make it easier and faster than ever to share information.

Flexible Communications

Using UCaaS, workers can chat via text, video, voice, or instant messaging from a variety of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets: whatever best suits the situation. For a generation that prefers no restrictions on how they communicate with colleagues, these are the perfect solutions. SMS and IM are especially useful for those who favor quick and low information conversations over extensive emails and long-winded phone calls.

Since the work-life balance is of utmost importance to Gen Z, as we as with other generations thanks to COVID-forced remote work, it’s essential to provide more options today. That may require MSPs to support remote (WFH) or hybrid workforces.

UCaaS is the perfect solution for those clients. Whether employees work from home 100% of the time or spend some time in the office each week, everyone should be using the same high-quality communications platforms and services. With UCaaS, all they need is a suitable device and an internet connection.

Benefits Abound

Of course, the advantages of UCaaS extend beyond the satisfied worker. Employers gain a workforce with more flexibility, increased productivity, and greater insight into the business and its customers.

UCaaS allows organizations to collaborate between teams and clients closely. These technology platforms position a company as a generationally attentive employer, which helps them attract and secure the best talent. These communications systems make it easier for team members to interact with existing customers and provide everyone, including prospects and business partners, with a more personal user experience.

Supporting diverse generational workforces can be difficult. However, when you provide your clients with the right communications tools and individualized support, great things can happen.

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