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Leverage UC to Ease Your Clients’ Transition Back to Work

The face of the workplace changed dramatically in 2020 as companies rapidly adopted the work from anywhere, anytime mantra. While the pandemic and cloud-based tools accelerated that movement, workers are experiencing unprecedented flexibility and other benefits from working from home. Increasingly more people are embracing unified communications to boost their virtual collaboration capabilities.  

Businesses of every shape and size suddenly needed to access video, audio, messaging, and conferences from dozens, if not hundreds of remote locations. Unified communications are making that possible for millions of people today. These platforms are not just a temporary solution to surviving the pandemic, but essential tools for maintaining productivity and efficiency. Those benefits will be even more critical as more employees begin making that arduous trek back to the office or become the latest members of the hybrid workforce.  

A feature-rich platform makes all of those options possible. UC allows teams to communicate and collaborate seamlessly regardless of their location or which devices they use. That flexibility helps improve productivity and communications and ensures business continuity, benefits that provide comfort to companies looking to adopt WFH environments. The benefits of utilizing UC are extensive and offer a substantial ROI for the business community.

Delivering unified communications as a service lets your clients get the most from their communications systems and people. Here are just a few of the ways UC makes that happen:   

1. Fewer Silos 

Collaboration can be extremely difficult for a distributed workforce and the IT staff charged with supporting the various systems required to accomplish different tasks.  Ensuring everyone is on the same page can be challenging, even in normal circumstances, and nearly impossible without the proper communications channels. The hybrid work environment naturally creates separation between employees, whether in the office or working from home. When systems are not properly aligned, it creates silos of information that can pose a significant threat to productivity and create serious and unnecessary bottlenecks. UCaaS circumvents that problem by centralizing communications. These systems allow everyone to collaborate in the same environment, consolidating conversations and information, saving employees time and likely headaches since they no longer need to track down project statuses and information.  

2. Scalability 

There was perhaps nothing quite as challenging as reworking business communications to accommodate a remote workforce – especially for organizations without a remote work strategy before the pandemic. UC platforms scale to meet demands, whether dealing with a global health crisis, adapting to cultural shifts, or undergoing expansion. Unlike time-consuming and costly on-premise systems that require infrastructure and major network investments, adding UCaaS licenses is quick and easy for providers and the businesses they support. Cloud architecture ensures continuity regardless of device, time, and place. 

3. Access from Anywhere 

One of the greatest appeals of UC systems is their accessibility. Users can employ a variety of devices and locations to take calls. Not only is UC geographically unbiased, but your clients can access video and other applications from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones whether at home, in an airport, or lounging in the pool. All they need to enjoy the same level of office functionality is an internet connection.   

4. Productivity 

Connecting people over the cloud is not the sole purpose of UCaaS. These platforms improve productivity by combining multiple communication channels, and the applications businesses use for collaboration. A central hub for calls, chats, file sharing, screen sharing, and other data, these virtual communications systems overcome the confusion and frustration associated with the enterprise solutions used by large organizations. For example, editing a document in real-time is much simpler and faster than emailing files back and forth or relying on someone to merge your collective suggestions and changes. UC puts everyone on the same page.

5. Cost Savings & Increased Revenue 

Cloud infrastructure eliminates not just servers but the real estate to support them, as well as the AC and related utilities requirements. Add in the hassle and cost of maintaining all that equipment, performing updates, and replacing obsolete phones, and the savings add up quickly. Those are just the early financial incentives. UC allows employees to more readily communicate with customers and colleagues to solve real business problems and grow revenue. A well-connected team will be more effective, land more clients and close larger deals.   

Fueling the Modern Business 

Robust communication systems are paramount to modern business success. Whether dealing with workforce changes brought on by a global pandemic or developing solutions to save your clients more time and money, forward-thinking organizations are moving to UCaaS.  

MSPs are benefitting tremendously from these scalable communications platforms. UC provides your clients with the flexible anytime, anywhere work environment they crave, creating significant new recurring revenue opportunities for your business.

Now is the perfect time to get on the UCaaS bandwagon. Contact the ConnectMeVoice team to learn how. 

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