Is the Traditional Desk Phone Dead? Clients Will Love VoIP with ConnectMeVoice

The business world has seen a dramatic shift to Work from Home (WFH) environments. Organizations, both big and small, made a mad dash to get every employee quickly and safely out of the office to circumvent the pandemic. That transition was somewhat chaotic. However, now that a few months have passed and things have settled into a “new normal,” many are starting to feel that things aren’t likely to go back to the way things were any time soon, if ever.

Since many employees are still working remotely, some are wondering whether there is a real need for traditional desk phones and if those devices are on life support. After all, people can use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to answer and make business calls.

There will surely remain a need for traditional phones in the near term. However, with all the workplace changes, the way we communicate is also likely to evolve. Rather than a complete shift to WFH (though some businesses may adopt that plan), many experts expect companies to implement a hybrid approach where employees may work in offices and from remote locations. The new normal could mean shared workspaces and home offices, and coming to the office merely when meeting face-to-face with co-workers, clients, and others.

Are your clients planning to adapt work environments? Chances are they could be considering one or more “new normals” and solutions to support employees no matter where employees are located.  MSPs have to address potential communications voids and implement systems that will allow clients to work seamlessly, whether at home, in the office, or on a beach in Hawaii.

Hosted VoIP is a robust enablement tool for MSPs. These solutions allow businesses to leverage traditional devices or “softphone” applications in the office or anywhere else, giving employees the freedom to work anywhere without being out of touch with customers and co-workers.

Feature Rich Solutions for the Office

Cloud-based VoIP keeps business phone systems up and running all day, every day. Your clients can use features that add to their businesses’ professionalism, including pre-recorded directories, multi-line call waiting, and hold music. Virtual receptionist consoles allow employees to see when co-workers are on a call, set their presence status, transfer calls, add others to a conference line, chat, and more.

Organizations can also integrate hosted VoIP with several platforms they already use, such as email, collaboration tools, and CRM systems. Combining IP-based telephony with Customer Relationship Management is especially essential. These combined solutions let employees access client information as soon as they make or receive a call, such as the length and subject of previous discussions, billing information, and sales history. 

Flexible Solutions Outside of the Office

Hosted VoIP makes working away from the office easy. Softphone applications allow employees to use different devices while retaining all the benefits and dependability of their traditional work phones.

For example, they can route calls to their smartphones, computers, and tablets. Users can automate the changeover between devices based on work schedules or switch them on and off as needed, and communicate using voice, SMS, and video in many cases.

These solutions also allow employees to answer and make calls using their business extension on their personal phones, a seamless way to ensure privacy and professionalism. Of course, that can access pertinent records for both incoming and outgoing calls, too. Managers can monitor their discussions and track key call statistics, including duration, number of contacts, and other metrics that are relevant to the company.

Support Businesses in the New Frontier

The traditional office phone isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, softphones are becoming more commonplace and present an excellent opportunity for businesses and the MSPs that support their operations.

Hosted VoIP gives your clients more flexibility and empowers the shift to WFH and hybrid workplaces. Contact ConnectMeVoice today to learn more about our lucrative partner program and explore our feature-rich voice applications and support options.

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