Integrate to Innovate: Connecting Voice to the SMB with ConnectMeVoice

When it comes to increasing profitability and growth, business owners who focus on efficiency typically enjoy the greatest success. Time is money, after all, and emphasizing management efficiency can automatically boost margins and help ensure expansion plans come to fruition for you and your clients.

Both points highlight the reason why integrations are so valuable. Automating time-consuming, mundane, and repetitive processes by connecting essential business tools reduces manual labor and speeds the flow of information among different applications. Combining multiple solutions into that “single pane of glass” also gives managed services providers better visibility over their customers’ systems.

Efficiency improvements often start with streamlining or eliminating manual processes. Two of the most labor-intense areas for MSPs include help desk and sales operations, with both relying heavily on voice communications to build and maintain quality client relationships.

Hosted VoIP is a cheap and straightforward tool that can give your customers more flexibility in these crucial areas. With a cloud-based infrastructure, voice communications offer mobility features and, perhaps most importantly, a variety of business-critical integrations. Implementing a high-quality phone system and then integrating it with the systems your clients employ in their businesses is an easy way to boost efficiency as well as their loyalty to your organization.

What tools do MSPs typically connect with a hosted VoIP solution?

1. Customer Relationship Management applications

CRM systems allow businesses to collect and manage information on clients, prospects, and other associates. Integration with IP-based telephony automatically logs calls, freeing up the time that representatives would spend inputting the data. These systems effortlessly locate customer data when employees make or receive calls from known contacts, and provide details such as the length and subject of previous discussions, billing information, and sales history. Employees can also click-to-call directly from the CRM solution. VoIP integrations simplify the sales process and improve close rates with an easier flow of information between customers’ phone networks and their CRM solutions.

2. Microsoft Teams

Chat-based collaboration platforms allow businesses to host video meetings, store and share files, and tap into the power of a host of other applications. Providing Microsoft Teams can set your MSP apart from the competition; however, integrating this vital program with a hosted VoIP system will further differentiate your firm and its capabilities. The combination allows your clients to can make and receive calls directly from Microsoft 365 and leverage Outlook, OneDrive, and other features of this business-enhancing platform. End users can also use a variety of devices in those communications, including their smartphones, PCs or laptops, tablets, and VoIP-enabled phones.

3. Email Systems

Electronic messages are an integral part of business communications today. Combining the power of email with the flexibility of a hosted VoIP application is a sure-fire way to maximize efficiency for your SMB clients and increase their companies’ overall productivity. Integrating these proven platforms allows users to access contact information on their phones and check voice messages sent to their inbox directly from computers or mobile devices. That saves time and lessens the stress on employees who travel or regularly work outside the office. For example, they can view phone messages (converted to text) in their email boxes when stuck on other calls or caught in lengthy meetings. That feature is extremely helpful to salespeople awaiting urgent news from prospects or clients. In that situation, the rep can quickly follow up with an email, text, or another form of communication without hanging up on their boss or another top sales prospect.

4. Accounting Applications

Tracking transactions and ensuring timely payments are essential processes for any business. For an SMB, a healthy cash flow depends on a quick turnaround on invoices and consistent payments. Small companies can never be too cautious with their financial processes and integrating hosted VoIP with their accounting software will allow clients to closely track transactions right from their phones. Financial advisers can also send automatic reminders to their customers as well as department heads and other key personnel.

A Growing Business Platform

How many ways can you integrate hosted VoIP for your SMB clients? When well-designed and properly implemented, these combined applications can speed and improve communications, simplifying, and automating various processes across the organization.

MSPs with these platform development capabilities are in demand. With the right skills and knowledge, you can streamline your clients’ operations and better differentiate your IT services practice.

ConnectMeVoice can help. Our integrations are straightforward and create workplace flexibility, increase collaboration abilities for you and your clients, and provide a remote-friendly framework for everyone. Give our team a call today, and be sure to check out all the current platform opportunities (integrations) your MSP firm can deliver for the SMB.

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