How to Build a Future-Proof Communications Platform

How to Build a Future-Proof Communications Platform

Time can harm businesses. If not keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, it’s easy for companies to lose their competitive edge and potential sales opportunities. Investing in solutions that your clients can adapt and refresh in the future is a hedge against obsolescence – and communications are no exception.

The future is cloud-based. Internet accessibility opens the world to voice, video, text, and other communications, providing a cost-effective option for most businesses than traditional phone lines and server-hosted applications. The adoption of UCaaS over the last decade demonstrates the rising value of these solutions to the business community, and the growth of this form of digital transformation is expected to continue in 2022 and reach approximately $20 billion in U.S. sales. 

Those positive projections spell opportunity for MSPs. UCaaS is growing in demand and business value, giving organizations more communications power per dollar and shifting former telecom budgets to IT spending. IT services firms can fulfill their clients’ changing needs, creating the types of future-proof and time-tested platforms those businesses need today − and tomorrow.

Offer Ever-Evolving Communications Solutions

Keeping team members on the same page has always been difficult for organizations. Enhancing communications across company and client ecosystems is more important than ever for IT service providers supporting hybrid and remote employees, and UCaaS provides those capabilities.

Internet-enabled voice and video options allow workers to leverage smartphones, tablets, and laptops to receive and initiate calls in the same manner as traditional office phones. Team members can work where they want at any time without compromising call quality or productivity. End-users can also receive messages via text, access voicemails through email, alter call routing, and employ pre-recorded directories for various operations. Many features allow your clients to easily and readily host or attend virtual meetings and conduct critical business conversations from work or at home (or anywhere).

Are your customers in need of a more flexible platform they can adapt to meet future business needs? UCaaS provides that single pane of glass that helps drive and manage team communications and collaboration. The ability to have one-on-one or one-to-many video calls, giving the same look and immediacy as in-person conversations, has become a modern-day business essential. Collaboration is now fairly effortless when users have easy access to customer account data, email messages, call recordings and transcripts and can instantly set up or join virtual meetings.

New Platforms and Integrations Increase Collaboration

Providing your clients with tools to host video meetings and store and share documents and other data helps boost productivity and customer satisfaction ratings. Moving all their information into a single platform, including voice recordings, documents, files, meeting notes, calendars, and other data, gives their team members more collaboration power. UCaaS applications allow managers to track projects and assess the participation levels and performance of various employees. Understanding who contributes more (or less) than expectations is extremely useful for team meetings and annual staff reviews.

With more hybrid and remote workforces today, cloud-based flexibility is a major benefit for businesses, providing access to critical documents and business applications from virtually anywhere using any device. These tools help differentiate an organization from its less innovative competitors, providing that edge in productivity without breaking the budget (most are less costly than traditional phone lines)!

A Stronger and More Flexible Toolset

Tracking tasks, goals, and projects is not as simple in distributed workplaces. In remote or hybrid environments, applications that help keep everyone working from a single platform, sharing and collaborating freely, are more valuable to the decision-makers. Task management solutions simplify employees’ workdays and bring order to all the chaos. Integrated UCaaS platforms can give managers a more detailed look at their team’s actions and communications flow and track project progress, productivity and other key metrics.

Messaging applications are also a must in today’s business environment. Whether a boss is offering instant feedback or an employee is having a stress-relieving chat with colleagues, these apps make it easier for everyone to connect and collaborate. The capacity to share files, access archived data, and create groups and channels helps your clients scale their businesses and boost efficiency.

Web conferencing tools allow co-workers to brainstorm ideas and share feedback and information while seeing the people on the other end of the internet. Video solutions typically let users share screens, remotely access files, and access and manage integrated work tools and applications. UCaaS provides as close to a face-to-face experience as possible from remote locations.

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