What is Hosted VoIP?

Traditionally, a business will purchase a phone system (also known as a PBX), host the system at their premise, and provide separate phone lines to the phone system. This requires a significant investment into the phone system, maintenance costs, and service fees for the phone lines. With ConnectMeVoice hosted VoIP you simply connect business class phones to your Internet service, and  use our cloud based infrastructure to deliver powerful communications and mobility features at a fraction of the cost.

Features & Benefits

Why ConnectMeVoice?

Our Hosted VoIP service allows your company to use the latest and greatest cloud-based business phone features, while saving money on your total communications costs with our affordable call path pricing and zero maintenance costs. We also offer complete customization and additional upgrades to fit your company's telecommunications needs.

Industry-Leading VoIP Providers Are Standing By

The VoIP providers at ConnectMeVoice are standing by with the virtual phone system you need to skyrocket your company's connectivity potential.