Hosted VoIP

Promote your company's flexibility, growth and success with our Hosted VoIP service.

Our Hosted VoIP service allows your company to use the latest and greatest cloud-based business phone features, while saving money on your total communications costs with our affordable call path pricing and zero maintenance costs. We also offer complete customization and additional upgrades to fit your company's telecommunications needs.

ConnectMeVoice Hosted VoIP Benefits and Features:

  • Toll-free and local number options
  • HD calling for a superior quality sound
  • Support for all industry-leading VoIP phones
  • Call connection at any of your company's locations for a seamless caller experience
  • Dedicated toll-free number for company faxing
  • Dial-by-name directory
  • Option to play voicemail messages online or via email
  • Voicemail message to text translation
  • View faxes online or via email
  • Advanced fax machine support
  • View and print call reports
  • Caller ID on all calls
  • State-of-the-art administration portal
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Call screening
  • Call recording
  • Ability to turn your Smartphone into an office phone
  • Simultaneous ringing with your desktop and Smartphone
  • Auto attendant
  • CRM integration
  • Advanced call center routing, monitoring and reporting
  • World class heads up display that provides an instant view of your company's calls
  • Conference call bridges (optional)
  • Voice message drops
  • SMS text messaging straight to your company phone number
  • Optional Call Center Solutions package

Connect With Us

VoIP app, virtual office from your mobile device

ConnectMeVoice Mobile App

Our powerful VoIP mobile app offers state-of-the-art functionality, allowing our customers to perform the following tasks right from their mobile phones:

  • Review Voicemail messages
  • Make outside phone calls using the company telephone number
  • Send receive text messages using the company telephone number
  • View our world class heads up display (HUD) in real time to see who is on which call
  • Transfer calls
  • Make internal calls
  • Manage call routing and profiles

Our mobile app is free and available for download on the iTunes App Store or on Google Play.

Chrome and Office Outlook Integration

Our revolutionary services can be integrated with both Chrome and Office Outlook for a seamless user experience. Now you can:

  • Enable click-to-call from your Outlook contacts list or from any site in the Chrome browser
  • Make phone calls directly from both Outlook and Chrome using your company number
  • Send and receive text messages in Outlook using your company phone number

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