Hosted VoIP Remains a Top Priority in Digital Transformation from ConnectMeVoice

It would be an understatement to say that the digital era has arrived. With an increasingly large and growing gap between businesses that are proactively adopting cloud computing and those that have yet to embrace the change, the value of this delivery model is readily apparent. Unfortunately, the laggards are usually the SMBs with fewer (if any) technical resources when compared to their larger competitors. 

Where those businesses tend to fail, MSPs can pick up the slack; from offering IT support and modern system designs to implementation and security. Converting technical infrastructure and processes isn’t a simple task, which is why IT services providers need to fill the role. It is, however, an excellent opportunity for MSPs and their SMB clients that need to make changes to keep up with their competition and remain relevant to existing customers and prospects. Digital transformation is a significant part of that equation.

Consider taking a ‘bigger picture’ approach with innovation and automation to make that happen. If your team is in search of the perfect place to start, look no further than hosted VoIP.

Communications are Valued

There isn’t a single business that doesn’t rely on phones to conduct crucial activities, including sales, support, and customer service. Traditional landline phones, however, pale in comparison to the portability, flexibility, seamless features, and functionality that VoIP solutions provide. MSPs often seal the deal by showing their clients how effortless these applications are to use and how little they cost in comparison to traditional telecom and on-premise telephony solutions. 

With businesses so dependent on one particular method of communication (phones), it only makes sense to upgrade them to the best possible version. The fact that hosted VoIP can also save them some money tips the scales a little further in favor of implanting the latest virtual technologies.  

The value of communications in the business community is just one of the many reasons why VoIP should be on the top of the list when you discuss digital transformation with your clients. Of course, that’s just one motivation for making a change.  

Integrations Exponentially Increase the Utility

When connected with other applications, hosted VoIP becomes a communications automation platform. Consider, for example, the CRM (customer relationship management) tools your clients use to compile and organize account information to simplify the sales process and improve close rates.

Integration with a hosted VoIP solution allows those systems to automatically logs calls and instantaneously locate contact information when making and receiving calls. Those combined applications free up valuable time for your team and make it easier to update notes to advance the sales discussions. 

Email is another integral communication avenue for SMBs, primarily when used in tandem with hosted VoIP. Integrating these systems allows end-users to check phone messages sent to their inbox. Employees can also access contact information on their phone. A hosted VoIP/email integration eliminates several time-consuming steps for end-users, especially those who travel frequently (can access messages during flights with an internet connection). 

Mobility Is a Differentiator

Mobile workforces are the new norm. As the business community quickly discovered as the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered many “non-essential” organizations, employee productivity can remain high when employees are out of the office as long as they have the right tools in place.  

Most businesses, no matter how big or small, need to accept that reality. With hosted VoIP, employees with an internet connection can continue their work seamlessly. Staff can use mobile apps on their personal devices as if those systems were company-owned.

With the ability to route calls, use HUD (Heads Up Display), and send and receive text messages from the business number, hosted VoIP is a no-brainer today. These are significant advantages for an SMB and make it easier for decision-makers to justify new investments in their digital transformation process. 

Financial Flexibility

There isn’t a single business that doesn’t want to save money whenever possible, especially in today’s uncertain economy. Switching from traditional telecom or an on-premise server-based telephony system to a hosted VoIP solution can save your clients a significant amount of money. 

Savvy MSPs leverage capital those savings to pitch upgrades. For example, hosted VoIP allows organizations to reallocate a portion of their previous phone budgets to fund other vital projects, including automation, cybersecurity, and business-enablement technologies. Shifting money from telecom helps create a clearer path for your clients’ digital transformation plans.  

Become a Small Business Adviser

IT services providers no longer just fix computers and install servers. The cloud and managed services allow you to enable your clients with new technologies and support offerings, and helps SMBs make successful digital transformations.

Now is the time for MSPs to capitalize on the need for advisors with insight and new ideas. Providers must become the agents of change their clients require to be successful today. Digital transformation is a “big picture” objective that every business must embrace, and an opportunity for you to step up and become an even more critical operational partner.

MSPs can leverage digital transformation solutions to increase client productivity, improve operational efficiency, and expand their clients’ capabilities. When successful, the value of your firm is sure to grow, as will your customer retention rate. 

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