Hosted VoIP Has Never Been an Easier Sale for MSPs with ConnectMeVoice

Finding the right solutions to advertise to customers and prospects can be a challenge, even under normal circumstances. Now add in the stress business leaders are facing with the uncertain economy fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While those organizations may not think they are in the market for new applications or software, now is an excellent time for MSPs to offer them solutions that can simplify their operations and reduce their expenses. When you can solve problems quickly, and for little cash, those opportunities will be hard for business owners to pass up − even in a pandemic.

The perfect starting point for MSPs is with Hosted VoIP. Not only are these solutions a vital piece of technology for a WFH environment, but they are easy to use and simple for providers to sell. Ease of convenience and instantaneous access help make these solutions an easy sale. The business case for hosted VoIP is real, and it presents a real opportunity for MSPs to grow wallet share – even when money is tight.

Here are a few reasons for all that optimism:

1. Remote Work

The move to WFH has perhaps been one of the quickest business transitions to date. While most hoped these changes would be a temporary fix, many employees are not likely to go back to the office anytime soon. For this type of situation to work, businesses need reliable communications.

Hosted VoIP offers that dependability while allowing employees to connect from anywhere in real-time. Workers can communicate from various devices through voice, SMS, and video, as well as realize the benefit of mobile applications that let them make and receive calls as if working from their traditional office. With the right tools, employee productivity can remain high, even when working from home.

2. Integrations

What are you doing to reduce wasted time and annoying processes for your business clients? Connecting vital work applications streamline operations and eliminate the headaches for end-users, as well as for co-workers, management teams, collaboration partners, and, of course, customers.

For example, integrating VoIP with a CRM solution allows employees to instantly see a customer’s account information when they pick up the phone. Integrations with email services and internet browsers give staff click-to-call options and simplify the flow of crucial business data.

MSPs can also integrate their clients’ collaboration and recruiting tools to ensure team members are  organized and can easily track daily tasks and projects. When employees are well equipped, those businesses can offer better service, which boosts customer satisfaction.

3. Flexibility

Hosted VoIP systems are flexible by design. As long as users have an internet connection, whether in the office, at home, or in an airport, they can make and receive calls using their business phone extension. That’s how businesses keep a professional appearance no matter where team members are working.

Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based technology, which means it is incredibly scalable, allowing your business clients to grow or downsize their phone systems as needed. When traditional PBX-based organizations expand, new handsets and cabling are usually required to accommodate additional extensions. That process is quick and painless with hosted VoIP.

MSPs can add or remove phones in no time. In the current pandemic-driven business environment, that flexibility is invaluable for companies with no clear track to the future.

Close the Deal

When it comes to selling hosted VoIP, and many other solutions, technology is rarely the determining factor. Convenience and ease of use are real differentiators.

Don’t take that the wrong way; the underlying technology associated with hosted VoIP is incredibly important. However, the real value-add for your clients is how these systems can help their employees achieve higher productivity while trimming their budget.

The right hosted VoIP solution can make that happen.

ConnectMeVoice has your back. Our partner team helps MSPs support their customers with flexible, scalable solutions to keep their business afloat and employees on-track in the toughest times. Contact us today to learn how.

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