Four Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams and Hosted VoIP In Tandem from ConnectMeVoice

Despite the negativity from end-users and the tech community, as well as the occasional outage that negatively affects organizations’ operations, businesses rely heavily on Microsoft’s tool sets today. The company’s suites and features have evolved significantly over the years with conservative variations and a number of essential upgrades, Microsoft’s suite features have grown exponentially. When configured correctly, these solutions can be a real differentiator for small businesses by giving their employees enterprise-level capabilities without breaking their budgets.

Microsoft Teams is becoming the new standard for collaboration. This platform features “conversation channels” that allow organizations to conduct group video meetings, store files, and connect with a host of other enablement applications, including Office 365.

MSPs are increasingly offering Teams to boost their clients’ collaborative efforts, expand communications options, and set themselves apart from the competition. Those services are even more valuable when providers integrate the platform with a hosted VoIP like ConnectMeVoice. These solutions working in tandem will exponentially expand your clients’ collaborative capabilities and your own bottom line.

MSPs not adopting these latest technologies and integrations put themselves (and the businesses they support) at a disadvantage. Here are four of the primary reasons why every IT services firm should be offering this business-essential tandem.  

1. Productivity

Microsoft Teams increases productivity by bringing essential business tools into a single interface with easy to use channels. This format makes it much easier to locate conversations, files, recordings, and calendars – a capability that is especially useful in the WFH age. Chat negates some of the common issues of communicating through email, such as losing critical information in a thread. A more comfortable conversation flow improves efficiency. Integrating Teams with hosted VoIP allows users to leverage all Microsoft applications and store data in the same place, and lets employees make and receive calls directly from Office 365. Your clients will feel more secure relying on readily-proven systems that help prevent call-failures and outages.

2. Mobile-Enhancing

Teams’ cloud-based applications combined with hosted VoIP work together in perfect harmony to give remote workers an easy way to communicate and collaborate. Staying connected and accessible is essential in a WFH environment. The Teams/hosted VoIP combination allows employees to make and receive calls from a variety of devices, including laptops and PCs, tablets, Macs, and smartphones. Users can also access SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, and shared documents and projects from any device. MSPs can become mobile specialists with these solutions, allowing end-users to respond to chat messages, join meetings, and collaborate with just one click.

3. Customizable Workspace

Every business is different, and your clients will likely need help tailoring applications and workspaces to meet their specific environments and requirements. Microsoft Teams allows end-users to keep on top of tasks and manage projects easily when they understand how to set up and configure these systems. For example, employees can create channels to structure their work and manage their content and add tabs to organize files, apps, and data in these groupings. Office 365 capabilities can expand their options and optimize collaboration capabilities. VoIP integrations allow employees to access customer information, recordings, and other call data directly from Teams.

4. Budget Savings and Increased ROI

According to “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams” by Forrester Consulting, Office 365 adoption can provide businesses an ROI of up to 832%. Teams inherently reduces operating costs and fosters innovation by aggregating information instantly and freeing up time so employees can focus on other activities. These combined platforms also help end-users avoid app overload, moving back and forth from one program to another to complete daily tasks (and wasting a lot of time). With the ability to quickly access data from hosted VoIP, those processes can be easier to manage. Automation tools are also available to save both time and money for your clients.

Streamline Customer Collaboration and Increase Your MSPs Value

MSPs must deliver more WFH-enabling solutions today. These comprehensive solutions and support options increase your value add, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and bring a premium return for your business.

Integrating hosted VoIP with Microsoft Teams is one of the best ways IT service providers can give their clients greater workplace flexibility and more collaboration options. These platforms are an invaluable opportunity for you and your clients.

Are you ready to deliver and support these comprehensive communications platforms for your clients? Visit our Partner Page to learn more about the ConnectMeVoice hosted VoIP options, including integrations with critical business applications such as Microsoft Teams.

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