Five Tips for Selling UCaaS to the SMB

Five Tips for Selling UCaaS to the SMB

Small businesses drive the U.S. economy. The SMB encompasses more than 99% of commercial organizations and employs nearly half (49.2%) of the private-sector workforce, according to the SBA. It is even more impressive that many businesses with less than 100 employees (and some with more) have little to no in-house IT support. Those companies typically look to outsource partners like MSPs to optimize and secure their technologies.

Due to the pandemic-related workplace changes in the past two years, those IT services firms are more important than ever. Mobility solutions are business-critical, as are communications platforms. Almost every workplace is leveraging Microsoft or Google cloud apps, instant messaging and video conferencing tools, and a variety of other remote support tools. However, relatively few SMBs are getting the most out of these solutions without the help of a skilled MSP.

UCaaS is a perfect example. Offering your clients a broad range of voice and imaging capabilities allows their employees to effectively collaborate with coworkers and partners from virtually any location using any IP-enabled mobile device. With so many different workplace options, MSPs have an opportunity to be real game-changers, supporting clients with a variety of transformational solutions. Now is the perfect time to show them how with revolutionary communications tools like UCaaS. Here are some of the key benefits that your SMB clients will value the most:

1. Offers a Single Comprehensive Communications Platform

Perhaps the most significant advantage of UCaaS is an MSP’s ability to integrate all communication applications into one platform – messaging, video, text, voice, and critical business applications. Combining everything into a single solution saves time and efficiency for remote workers and office-based staff members. Employees can access the platform from any device connected to the internet. With staff working from a variety of locations, such as homes and while on the road after the pandemic, most business owners will benefit from the flexibility of these streamlined communications systems. 2.

2. Delivers Savings

In uncertain times when cash flow health is a concern, investing in costly new communications equipment may not seem like a good idea. Since UCaaS utilizes the cloud, your clients’ hardware investments will be minimal, as will support and service requirements. Your customers can avoid the hassles (and cost) of regular software updates and other onsite maintenance issues.

3. Provides Scalability

The ability to add or subtract services as a business grows or shrinks is an attractive option. Unlike traditional phone systems, adding a new UCaaS user won’t require your clients to purchase new equipment or take a lot of your team’s time to get them acclimated to the solution. That’s a win-win for everyone. Similarly, your clients won’t be stuck paying for unused extensions and surplus equipment during downsizing. With UCaaS, you can turn on or turn off lines and prevent your customers from getting stuck with high installation and disconnection costs. That’s an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction and grow your relationship, which can help drive renewals and long-term revenue options.  

4. Enables Power Business Connections

UCaaS is an excellent stand-alone tool, but these platforms are extremely powerful when you integrate them with other applications your clients rely on to run their businesses, including CRMs and collaboration and recruiting tools. Connecting these systems empower employees, helps them organize projects and calendars and improves the efficiency of their communications and reporting processes. For example, a CRM integration with a UCaaS platform can allow workers to log calls, dial directly by tapping the app interface, and view relevant customer or prospect information on a single screen.

5. Empowers Remote Workers

The ability to communicate from various devices through voice, SMS and video is a huge advantage for businesses with employees working from home, either temporarily or long-term. UCaaS gives your clients greater insight and visibility into their operations with various metrics and tracking options. Management can leverage productivity and accountability tools to identify issues and collaborate with team members to boost sales, oversee accounts, or attain other business objectives. MSPs can give their clients more control and oversight to stabilize operations and better support their employees in uncertain times.  

Become a UCaaS Expert

Those are just a few of the benefits UCaaS can bring to your customers. Many SMBs are struggling to adapt their operations to deal with the current situation, so MSPs need to do everything they can to provide solutions and support for those clients in their time of need.

UCaaS is one of those answers. It’s not a matter of if your clients need these technologies, but what company can help them design, procure, implement, and support a new system, and how quickly that can happen. You can handle those tasks easily with the right tools and partner programs, and ConnectMeVoice provides MSPs with those benefits. Contact our team today to learn more about the power of UCaaS.