Create a VoIP Pricing Model Your SMB Clients Will Love with ConnectMeVoice

Create a VoIP Pricing Model Your SMB Clients Will Love

2020 has been the year of the unprecedented. Entire industries have shut down, at least temporarily, and with the world following some level of self-quarantine measures, it is no wonder that the SMB, like many other businesses, is struggling. Though expenses may be somewhat lower or at least consistent throughout these turbulent times, with few exceptions, most companies are seeing a tremendous drop in their revenue, and those numbers might not return to normal for weeks or months.

There are no assurances that the end is anywhere in sight. Your clients’ struggles must always be top of mind. MSPs need to offer solutions that increase productivity while also saving them money, which in turn increases your wallet share of their budget and overall revenue streams. With businesses in their current state, anything that can save them money, improve efficiency, and keep operations running no matter where employees are working, is going to be well-received.

ConnectMeVoice Call Path Pricing presents MSPs with the perfect opportunity to achieve those goals while giving their customers a host of new collaboration capabilities. Our cost-effective, cloud-based VoIP solution will expand your client’s business phone system capabilities while reducing costs − without compromising their call quality.

Communications is at the heart of every organization. Why not deliver a solution that not only saves those businesses a fair amount of money but strengthens their remote work abilities? It’s the perfect way to grow wallet share while boosting customer satisfaction.

Clients Pay for What They Need

Providers often have a one-size-fits-all price when it comes to hosted VoIP. However, Call Path Pricing lets your business clients only pay for the phone lines they actually use, not the number of phone lines in operation. As we discussed, many companies have had to change up their workplaces recently, moving employees home or downsizing to a more manageable and affordable workforce.

The Call Path Pricing pricing model eases your customers’ stress levels and pocketbooks, knowing that their bill can fluctuate with their activities and business needs. This flexible hosted VoIP plan even allows companies with multiple offices to use the same system and leverage all the features at each location, including extension-to-extension dialing and call forwarding.

Not sure what the future holds (trust us, we’re all here at the moment)? ConnectMeVoice doesn’t require MSPs or your clients to sign a contract. The services we provide are strictly on a month-to-month basis. If any unexpected changes do occur, the cancellation process is easy, quick, and painless for you and your clients.

When to Talk Price

What MSP enjoys discussing pricing with potential customers, even when the offering is a good deal for everyone? Of course, everyone knows how important it is for sales professionals to listen to prospective and current clients and deliver the right information at the proper point in the conversation.

Talking price too early in the process can derail the discussion and often leads to objections and quick rejections. If your team holds off too long, it can frustrate prospects and give them time to contact your competitors for information and bids.  

Avoid the pricing conversation until you can get decision-makers involved. Establish the value of your expertise and offerings before sharing cost details, uncovering their pain points, and matching your solutions along the way to increase your chances of closing new sales.  

When it comes to offering new services, especially in such turbulent times, the key is showing real empathy for each prospect’s situation and helping them work through various scenarios. Hosted VoIP not only strengthens their remote work options but can trim costs for businesses that may be struggling to make ends meet (and pay employees and their MSPs).

Grow wallet share and help your clients stay connected. Provide businesses with a VoIP pricing model that they simply cannot afford to refuse. Trust us, SMBs love ConnectMeVoice partners.

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