Create a Collaborative Communications Platform with VoIP and Teams with ConnectMeVoice

Despite decades of usage and competitive options, most organizations still rely heavily on Microsoft tools to run vital parts of their business operations. While the majority of those applications may no longer be running on your clients’ hard-drives (or an 8, 5 ¼, or 3 ½ inch floppy disk for that matter), these cloud-based solutions are as critical to those business’ success today as they were back in 1990.

Of course, a lot has changed over the years. Windows has gone through dozens of variations and upgrades, and Microsoft’s toolset has grown substantially, but the biggest difference may be in the delivery and deployment of these systems. Yes, the cloud is where the vast majority of business gets done today.

That helps explain why Office 365 has become a mainstay for MSPs like yours and the SMB community you support. The tools contained in this suite, when properly configured and employed, can be real differentiators for small businesses, giving them access to the enterprise-level capabilities needed in today’s highly competitive global markets. The key for MSPs is letting clients know that not only is are these platforms available and affordable, but that your team can expand their business capabilities with the right configurations and key integrations.

Microsoft Teams is a perfect example. Part of Office 365, this chat-based collaboration platform allows organizations to conduct group video meetings, store files, and add in a host of other business-enablement applications ‒ all included in their subscription (except the cost of third-party integrated solutions).

Microsoft Teams can increase productivity by putting all their collaborative information into a single interface, including chat conversations, files, meeting recordings, calendars, and other activities. Third-party integrations expand the platform and let users complete (and store) all their work in one place.

Transparency is another big benefit, and not just for small businesses. Microsoft Teams lets organizations of any size track their projects and assess the efforts of individual contributors. That means your clients can see which employees are contributing the most (or the least), handy details for performance reviews, potential raises or promotions, and in the worst-case scenarios, to document some work-related issues.

Microsoft Teams is also a mobility-enhancing platform. As with other Office 365 applications, businesses with multiple locations or a remote workforce will benefit from the cloud-based flexibility, giving their employees access to SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, and shared documents and projects from any computing device. Even the occasional travelers will appreciate being able to work from anywhere.

Create a Total Communications Platform

MSPs who can deliver more comprehensive solutions for their clients create more value-add, which tends to create more “stickiness.” That means your customers will remain loyal to your business and usually be willing to pay somewhat of a premium for your services. SMBs rely on those types of offerings and that top-notch level of support today.

While providing MS Teams can set you apart from some competition, the ability to integrate a hosted VoIP system into that equation will be a true differentiator. What better way to support your clients than by giving their staff a plethora of new features, including the ability to:

  • Make and receive calls directly from Office 365
  • Leverage integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, and other Microsoft applications
  • Rely on proven systems that prevent call-failures and outages
  • Secure and assign individual phone numbers to employees and other business partners
  • Make and receive calls from a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, VoIP phones and mobile devices

The great news for ConnectMeVoice partners is our partner-focused cloud PBX can be integrated with MS Teams to create a total communications platform. It’s a great way to give your clients greater workplace flexibility, more collaboration options, and more powerful remote capabilities. Traditional phone users can connect with co-workers, customers, and other business associates through a Microsoft Teams application on their Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone devices using direct extension dialing.

Give Your Clients Total Communications Support

Without the support of skilled IT professionals, few SMBs will ever realize the full capabilities of Office 365, let alone the collective power MS Teams and ConnectMeVoice can bring to their organizations. That, of course, is your value proposition.

MSPs can deliver and support a total business collaboration platform. Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing application in Microsoft history, and, with a little help from partners like ConnectMeVoice, your company can take advantage of that demand to create a plethora of new business opportunities.

Give your clients the reliability of a partner-centric hosted VoIP platform with all the formidable features of Microsoft Teams. Help them enjoy all the business-enabling tools in Microsoft Teams as well as the powerful features in ConnectMeVoice, including Call Center Services and other unique features.

Learn how you can provide this functionality for your clients today. Contact the ConnectMeVoice partner team at

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