Eight Ways VoIP Can Increase Sales for Your MSP with ConnectMeVoice

As a managed service provider, you’re always looking for ways to increase recurring revenue, gain more leads, and grow your business. At times, it may seem as if sales are about convincing prospects that they need your products or services. However, for MSPs, it is all about delivering the products and services prospects and current clients need. And a great place to start is with hosted VoIP.

While there may be some convincing required to get a sales professional in the door, once the conversations start, it will be hard to deny how beneficial it is for them to partner with your MSP. One area where your firm can truly make a difference and differentiate itself from the competition is with business communications.

Do your sales prospects and clients rely heavily on email and phone systems? The more those organizations depend on those platforms to communicate with customers, business partners, and others, the more they will value an MSP who can completely support those critical solutions. That’s one reason why the channel is rapidly adopting hosted VoIP.

In addition to the recurring revenue these solutions generate, voice systems open the door to other project and service opportunities. Here are just a few of the many ways MSPs can leverage VoIP to grow “wallet share” and solve a multitude of problems for their clients:

1. VoIP Solutions

Anyone who denies the power of telephony in today’s business is simply out of touch. While the use of tools like Skype and Slack has opened the door for better collaboration within the organization, the phone still serves as the main avenue for communication. Offering your clients a hosted VoIP option brings a multitude of benefits – from call routing and on-hold music to email or text notifications. These solutions also allow SMBs to reap the benefits of a call center, call queues, monitoring, and key integrations with valued business tools like CRM (customer relationship management) and email systems.

2. Mobility

The average business environment is much different than it was just a few years ago, with many organizations adopting remote workplace options. Other SMBs continue to explore the opportunities, and your MSP can help them make that happen. For example, your team can help clients develop remote policies and install a security and VPN solution to protect data and system access outside the business network. With a VoIP solution, offsite workers can take advantage of useful mobile applications and essentially turn smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices into office phones.

3. Infrastructure Upgrades

When it comes to technology, no business can afford to be stagnant. Infrastructure upgrades will eventually be required due to age and performance issues, or to implement more advanced technologies. For example, if a client is ready to upgrade to newer phones or would like to enhance existing hardware, hosted VoIP can be an easy sell and justify network (wired and wireless) upgrades. Those projects provide benefits beyond their communications platforms, and cost savings from the VoIP system can quickly pay for infrastructure improvements.

4. Security

Data protection is one of the biggest struggles for SMBs. When you get a client to switch from a traditional PBX phone system to a hosted VoIP solution, it’s the perfect time to assess network security and recommend improvements. Emphasize vulnerabilities and help your customers find an easy (and affordable) path to a more secure workplace.

5. Consulting

While your clients might be experts in their field, they should understand all the knowledge and skills your team brings to the table. For example, when a customer is having trouble implementing features from an ISP-delivered VoIP system, or they are looking to change phones, it’s a perfect opportunity to offer then billable design, procurement, and consulting services. Watch for the questions can lead clients straight to you for support and advice.

6. Integration Services

SMBs are usually looking for ways to make their workflow simpler and less cluttered ‒ integration services are one of the best ways to accomplish that objective. Hosted VoIP is a great example. As mentioned previously, integrating a cloud-based CRM into the voice platform gives users immediate access to customer contact and billing information with incoming and outgoing calls. Similarly, MSPs can connect hosted VoIP with a client’s email solution, enabling employees to click-to-call from contacts and receive voicemail text notifications.

7. Support

When most people think of MSPs, they think tech support. While these capabilities may not seem like a major differentiator, few SMBs can survive, let alone thrive without a skilled provider managing their IT systems. There will always be issues and questions that arise. Offering 24/7 tech support (on your own or with outsourced helpdesk partners) is essential to keeping your client’s critical communications systems up and running and maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating for your MSP.

8. Training

No doubt, you’ve heard the adage that employees are the weakest link and highest risk for businesses, especially where technology and security are concerned. When there are so many features to enjoy with VoIP, it only makes sense offer some level of training to ensure successful adoption. Your SMB clients deserve to have the experts they trust (you) delivering that critical education.

MSPs Are a Necessity for Today’s Businesses

Your team can offer the SMB a multitude of benefits through hosted VoIP. With extensive knowledge and experience to back it up, it is only natural that your MSP can and should enjoy sales increases by leveraging these vital business solutions.

The benefits and key services mentioned above are extremely useful to virtually any organization. From clients to prospects supported by your competition, hosted VoIP provides you leverage to get a foot in the door to sell a total “communications support package.”

That’s a win-win for the SMB and your MSP. Are you up to that challenge? The ConnectMeVoice channel team is ready, willing, and fully prepared to help your team can those capabilities if not already core skills. Give them a call at (800) 743-1208 or visit our Partner Page for more information.

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