2020 is fast approaching, and it’s time to take a look ahead and think about ways your MSP can expand and build clientele. Many are looking to depart from the traditional offerings. For example, when most people think of MSPs, and perhaps even when you think of your own business, their minds focus on services like remote monitoring and management, backup and recovery, and cybersecurity.

However, today, it’s important to do more than capitalize on the typical MSP offerings. You need to build a portfolio of services that matter to the businesses and communities you serve.

A starting point for that objective is to become your client’s go-to expert for all things communication – from voice and chat to email and all the integrations that enhance the business functionality of those programs.

Let’s take a look at some of the communication-centered services you can offer your managed services clients.

Hosted VoIP

Despite the new forms of business communications today, phones remain a staple for virtually every office. So, why not utilize the best possible option for your customers – hosted VoIP? With a voice-over-internet system, your clients can enjoy a multitude of features that can make their lives easier and more efficient.

First off, VoIP eliminates costly phone systems, expensive maintenance contracts, and high service fees. These technologies also deliver a vast amount of features such as multi-line call waiting, call recording, text notifications, and do not disturb options.


The value of a hosted VoIP system often comes from its “connected” capabilities. For example, your clients may utilize a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to compile consumer data and organize it for better sales management. When connected to those systems, VoIP can help their staff accomplish their goals more efficiently.

When they receive a call from a phone number that matches a customer record, the system will display their contact, billing, and purchasing information. A VoIP/CRM integration helps businesses keep better track of conversations with the ability to save call recordings, make quicker account notes, and improve response times.

VoIP can also integrate with email platforms. Your clients can enjoy features that streamline their day-to-day operations, including click-to-call from contacts, text/SMS capabilities, and immediate access to contact information from any device. Employees can even check voicemails without picking up a phone (through their computers).

Combining all of your customer’s communication methods into a single platform gives them more control over key business processes while creating a more efficient workplace.


Tech support is a key component of any MSP’s services offering. While adding a communications-specific component may not seem “outside the box,” it is a real differentiator in today’s competitive IT ecosystem.

After all, problems are bound to creep up in any business, especially when innovative technologies and key integrations are involved. MSPs can provide everything from minor support like ensuring the software is up to date and running properly to dealing with major problems like a loss of internet. Offering solid communications services for your clients can improve client satisfaction, retention, and profitability.


How does it all fit together? That’s the question your clients likely can’t answer and, if you’ve laid the foundation, should be looking to you for an explanation and options. The SMB needs MSPs with deep communications expertise to help them make the right decisions and develop the solutions they need to meet their specific business objectives.

That’s a high-value opportunity. MSPs who can deliver that insight, whether on their own or by partnering with vendors and other specialists, can elevate their status with current and prospective customers.

That requires a knowledge of hosted VoIP and the various integration options, as well as the communications pain points that SMBs need to address. With the right training and vision, MSPs can fill that void, strengthen their relationships with clients, and build a profitable consultancy practice.

Make it Happen 

Finding new ways to differentiate your MSP from the competition is not always easy, but with all the features and integrations that hosted VoIP offers, positioning yourself as the ultimate communications expert is a real differentiator. Taking on that role can also help you attract new clients and boost your recurring revenue streams.

Are you ready to be a communications expert? Check out the ConnectMeVoice partner program today and give your clients the hosted VoIP foundation they need to drive greater success in the New Year.

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