An Open Letter to Our ConnectMeVoice Partners

An Open Letter to Our ConnectMeVoice Partners

Scott Seltzer

After sharing the news of ConnectMeVoice’s acquisition with our MSP, ITSP, agent and other partner communities, a few questions emerged that we wanted to answer in a format everyone would appreciate. First, for those unfamiliar with Cloudli Communications, the organization is a Montreal-based, industry-leading provider of voice, data and messaging solutions. Led by CEO Gavin Macomber and backed by private equity firm CPS Capital, the company brings significant new resources and capital to strengthen our competitive position, development efforts, partner programs, and support capabilities.

After doing our due diligence, it was clear that Cloudli and ConnectMeVoice are perfect complements. We share a commitment to providing quality communications for the business community, and our mutual partner networks will have access to an expanded portfolio of solutions and support options. We’re confident our partners will quickly realize the benefits of our acquisition to their own businesses.

However, let me start by answering some of the big questions:       

  1. Why ConnectMeVoice? While I alluded to the answer in my previous comments, our quality solutions and solid reputation in the partner community fit perfectly with Cloudli’s identity. Our UCaaS solution is a perfect complement to their portfolio, and our mutual commitments to excellence in development and support are completely aligned.  
  1. What does the acquisition mean for ConnectMeVoice partners? Our MSP, VAR, ITSP, reseller and agents communities can expect the same great solutions, service and best-in-class compensation. Effectively, this acquisition provides ConnectMeVoice with additional resources to support our ongoing mission to provide high-quality, channel-driven voice solutions for SMBs at a competitive price. 
  1. What will happen to the ConnectMeVoice name/brand? Our partners may notice one minor difference. The trusted ConnectMeVoice brand is now complemented with “by Cloudli” to recognize the strength of our newly combined organizations. 
  1. How will the acquisition affect our go-to-market strategy? ConnectMeVoice solutions will continue to be delivered through channel partners. Cloudli predominantly delivers solutions through the reseller and IT service provider community, so this acquisition will further reinforce that commitment. That strategy won’t waver and you can expect positive things to follow, including an enhanced portfolio and stronger support capabilities, giving our partners access to even more capable and comprehensive communications options over time.
  1. Can we expect Call Path Pricing and the current high margin opportunities to go away? No, that highly popular program remains a real differentiator for our company − and yours. You can continue providing your customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions while enjoying flexible and generous profit margins. Call Path Pricing is too good of an idea to fade away! 
  1. What is the timeframe for integration between the companies? We plan to carry on our normal operations. Our partners will work with the same dedicated partner sales and support professionals, and the ConnectMeVoice management team, including myself, remains intact and ready to help. Of course, we will be looking for opportunities to enhance our solution delivery, service reliability and partner programs and identify potential integration points in the coming months. Our goal is to elicit feedback and ideas from our partners, including our ConnectMeVoice Advisory Board Members, on those types of changes.  
  1. What differences will partners see in the ConnectMeVoice channel program? We will continue to support our most-valued community members in the same manner – all points of contact, services, and compensation structures will remain the same as before the acquisition. 
  1. Where will the company be based? Cloudli has its corporate headquarters in Montreal with regional offices in the US. Like many organizations, many of our team members work remotely, and we will continue recruiting the best talent across North America.  
  1. How will the acquisition affect the ConnectMeVoice team members, including management? Cloudli placed a high value on retaining our existing ConnectMeVoice team. Good people are hard to find, especially today, and we are committed to ensuring complete continuity for our partners and your clients. On the management side, I will continue handling the day-to-day operations as General Manager for ConnectMeVoice. Our Chief Operating Officer, Chris Van Wagoner, assumes the same role for the newly combined organization. Together, Cloudli will now have more than 80 employees and contractors, and we expect to continue growing that headcount to better support our partners and their customers.             
  1. How will the acquisition affect partner and end-user support? Ensuring the best quality service continues to be the highest priority for the newly combined Cloudli and ConnectMeVoice teams. As mentioned previously, all points of contact and support procedures remain the same and, if anything, will only get stronger with our enhanced resources.
  1. What does the acquisition mean for the ConnectMeVoice development roadmap? Good things. With more resources and development bandwidth, we are making an even stronger commitment to improvements for our partners and businesses that utilize ConnectMeVoice and Cloudli solutions. Our combined development staff now includes more than 20 professionals working to improve our solutions, platforms, integrations and user experience.

Will things change over time? Of course, our continued focus is on positive transformations that support our partner communities and the customers they serve. That’s been the secret of our channel success and, with similar mindsets and experiences, something the Cloudli team also gets behind. Please feel free to share your thoughts and concerns, and we’ll do our best to provide the answers. I’m excited about what lies ahead for the ConnectMeVoice by Cloudli team and our partners.

We look forward to helping companies like yours deliver the high-quality communications solutions each client needs and deserves. 


Scott Seltzer, 

General Manager, ConnectMeVoice by Cloudli.