3 Reasons Why UCaaS is the New Normal for Educators from ConnectMeVoice

The worldwide domination of technology is radically transforming the learning environment. The proliferation of remote learning environments brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to highlight this fact. Like many businesses, K-12 schools and colleges are now placing a premium on communication and collaboration platforms.

How can educational engagement improve in this new normal? How will teachers, students, and parents stay connected no matter their location? While many would think new technologies would be necessary to solve these problems, the answer for those working in the education market is already available. Previously considered unnecessary, UCaaS addresses many of the issues associated with keeping everyone (I.e., staff, students, parents, guardians) on the same page.

With IP-based telephony, all hardware and software needed to run school communication systems are located offsite and is owned and maintained by a third-party provider. These cloud solutions eliminate the need for a separate voice network − all that these systems require is a high-speed broadband connection and IP-enabled phones or devices.

UCaaS not only improves communications but completely transforms the process and turns these applications into one-stop-shops for collaboration. UC offers cloud telephony, video conferencing abilities and integrates them into a single platform with messaging, video, text, and voice.

These cloud-based platforms present an opportunity your education-related clients won’t want to pass up. Here are just a few of the many reasons why unified communications is an excellent option for these institutions.

1. Reliability

When it comes to education, downtime can be detrimental for all parties involved. Whether parents are contacting a school for an emergency or students cannot connect to a lesson plan, educators need technologies that won’t fail or be constantly interrupted. Like regular business partners, excessive downtime can reflect poorly on their reputation and MSPs that support them and negatively affect the user experience for students and parents.

Being cloud-based, UCaaS ensures quick restoration of services in emergencies, if not complete continuity. If one server goes down, there are typically many others in different offsite locations that will switch on and take over. That means less costly equipment for your clients to maintain and fewer headaches for you.

2. Essential Features

Education is evolving. While some institutions had online learning before, the option is required today. Video conferencing is a crucial aspect of UCaaS that allows students, parents, and teachers to meet from various locations as if they were in the same room. When it comes to educating, especially for a younger audience, facial expressions, body language, and visual cues are crucial to understanding a topic.

Administrators can also benefit from VoIP features such as call routing, which can redirect incoming calls to any phone based on the time of day or day of the week. Users can answer and call out using any of the many screen options. Call transfers can also be handy to handover a call to an internal or external number, which can either be blind, supervised, or directed straight to voicemail.

3. Flexibility

Up until the past year, schools and their communication modes have remained relatively rigid. With both in-person and remote learning in tandem becoming the new normal, flexibility is critical for education today. For teachers and administrative staff that are not always in a single location, softphone applications can allow them to use different devices while maintaining the benefits of a traditional office phone. For example, staff can route calls to a smartphone, computer, or tablet and collaborate using voice, SMS, and video.

Voice-to-email is another benefit for remote teachers that automatically routes voicemails to any desired device. Staying connected and being available for students and guardians boosts professionalism and allows the educator to maintain privacy by not giving out a personal cell number.

Rolling with the Changes

The past year has seen dramatic fluctuations in how we live and how technology has accommodated those adjustments. Naturally, IT service providers need to change and alter offerings to this new normal. Especially for clients in the education field, a great place to start is with one of the absolute business essentials: communication.

Not only can MSPs offer unified communications as a service, but they can provide troubleshooting and support as well. Becoming a client’s all-in-one, go-to communications expert can greatly benefit service providers looking to expand monthly recurring revenue and offerings to current customers. It’s a win-win if you ask us!

Is UCaaS the right fit for your clients in the education field? Get in touch with the ConnectMeVoice partner team and find out how easy it is to put your clients on the path to collaboration.

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