Powerful Outbound Dialing Solutions

Outbound Dialing Systems And SolutionsReaching Beyond Traditional Robocalling

ConnectMeVoice has the outbound dialing solutions you need to take your business phone system to the next level of efficiency.

With cutting-edge, cloud-based applications, CMV's outbound dialing system gives your company a competitive edge in the following areas:

Customer acquisition

Your direct-calling or email-marketing campaigns are improved with precise, personalized performance. Follow up on a lead with a timely phone call and you significantly increase that lead's interest and trust in your company.

Customer conversion

Converting browsers to buyers is as simple as adding a "call me" button to your website. The browser simply clicks on this button, enters their contact information and then receives an outbound call from one of your representatives.

Customer retention

Outbound dialing allows you to both reward and stimulate customer loyalty. Call devoted customers to thank them for their exceptional loyalty and ask the less-loyal ones why they haven't used your services in some time. Outbound dialing lets you show your customers that you value them as more than just a number.

Custom APIs

Do you want to notify your customers when their credit card is expiring, or when they have not visited your store or club in 60 days? CMV's custom-programmed APIs offer powerful outbound dialing services, personalized to your company's data and telecommunications needs.

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