Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams has integrated with ConnectMeVoice’s partner focused cloud PBX, provides the flexibility and power of Teams with the reliability of a partner-centric hosted VoIP provider. Your traditional phone users can connect with their teammates using a Microsoft Teams application on their Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone devices using direct extension dialing.

In additional to all the powerful features of Microsoft Teams, your clients will enjoy the business enabling features from ConnectMeVoice such as Call Center Services which aren’t available from Microsoft at this time.

With an integrated VoIP system and Microsoft Teams:

  • Make and receive calls directly from Office 365
  • Integrate with Teams, Outlook, OneDrive and other Microsoft applications
  • Rely on your system to prevent call-failures and avoid outages
  • Secure and assign individual phone numbers
  • Call from a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, VoIP Phones and mobile devices

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