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Glossary of Terms

After Hours Greeting. Many businesses employ a different greeting after usual business hours, advising callers that the office is closed, and telling them, for example, how to leave a message, or what to do in an emergency.

Auto Attendant / Front-End Greeting. Callers dialing your toll-free number hear a prerecorded message informing them of what company they have reached and what their options are.

Auto Callback. Allows you to return calls directly from voicemail by pressing a single key. No need to hang-up and redial.

Box Rotations.For firms doing multilevel marketing or other forms of group sales, ConnectMeVoice passes callers to the next person in the rotation. Can be voicemails or follow-mes. All under a single toll-free number and administrator.

Call Blasting.ConnectMeVoice permits a user to forward an incoming call to multiple recipients at the same time. First person to answer completes the call.

Call Queues.Have the incoming call ring at multiple numbers simultaneously until the call is answered. Its the same as "blasted follow-me" except the callers remain in a queue and wont time out to voicemail. Great for a call center or office environment!

Call Reports.ConnectMeVoice maintains a list of calls, including phone number, even if the caller hung up before getting transferred or leaving a message. These reports can be printed to analyze calls. Great for sales tracking!

Call Screening/Caller Announce.ConnectMeVoice prompts caller to record his name, thus allowing you to either accept the call or send caller to voicemail. You know who is calling before you answer!

Call Transfer.Transfer the caller to another person or extension without having to hang up. Stay on the line if you wish.

Caller ID.Displays and records the number of your caller. This number is logged in your Call Reports as a record, even if caller hangs up.

Cardless Calling Card.ConnectMeVoice allows users to dial out via 800 number. Useful for avoiding surcharges such as those added by hotels.

Conference Calling.Add up to 8 parties to your call on the fly.

Custom Solutions.For some companies, ConnectMeVoice's pre-set plans may not provide all the features required. Since we built our own call handling system, we are very capable of customizing it to provide exactly the functionality you need.

Dial by Name.In multi-user scenarios, ConnectMeVoice gives callers the option of spelling the name of the person they wish to reach.

Distribution List.Send a single message to your entire downline in just one step.

Email and Web Delivery - Voice and Fax.Never miss a message. ConnectMeVoice can be programmed either to advise you when there is a message or fax waiting, or messages and faxes can be automatically emailed to you.

Fax On Demand.ConnectMeVoice allows callers to receive predetermined information from you automatically via fax. This can be order forms, applications, maps or any marketing information. Can store up to 5 documents.

Fax-Receive Capable.ConnectMeVoice automatically detects if an incoming call is from a fax machine and if so, automatically receives the fax and stores it as an image. So your voice number and your fax number are the same.

Follow-Me Service.ConnectMeVoice allows you to forward calls to up to six numbers (e.g., your cell phone, your home office). You provide precise instructions as to which numbers to forward to, in which order, at what times of day. This can all be setup easily through our unique web interface. Never miss a call!

Information Playback Boxes.ConnectMeVoice allows callers to dial your toll-free number to listen to your company information or custom message.

Internet Administrative Access.All ConnectMeVoice account functions are handled via an intuitive web interface, so you can manage them easily from any web browser, any time of day.

Live Rotations.For companies engaged in sales and marketing rotations, live rotations provide the capability of passing each new caller to the next designated recipient.

Multi-Level Mailbox with Customized Menu Trees/Subtrees. Your callers may not know specifically whom they are looking for. Or you may want to segment callers, for example, by having one extension for sales and another for customer services. ConnectMeVoice allows you to create an intuitive extension structure so your callers can leave a message in the right place or speak to the right person.

Music on Hold.ConnectMeVoice plays music for inbound callers while they are on hold. Music may be stock or can be customized for your business.

Outbound / Follow-Me Minutes.When you subscribe to a plan that includes follow-me services, ConnectMeVoice offers free outbound minutes. Think of this way: a call comes in. So you're paying inbound minutes. Then the follow-me service kicks in and finds you. With most other plans, now you'd be paying outbound minutes. ConnectMeVoice has taken the innovative step of offering the outbound call for FREE. You only pay for the minutes you actually use!

Question and Answer Boxes (Q&A).ConnectMeVoice gives you the ability to ask callers for specific information and collect it one piece at a time. Perfect for automated orders, surveys and questionnaires!

Toll-Free Direct Dial Number to Extension.As an option, ConnectMeVoice can give every extension its own toll-free number (instead of your company having a single toll-free number with multiple extensions).

Toll-Free Number.ConnectMeVoice supplies your business with a toll-free number, so your callers can reach you without paying any long distance charges. Makes your small business look big!

Unlimited Voicemail. There is no limit to the number of voice messages your callers can leave for you on the ConnectMeVoice system. Will never hear that mailbox is full or a busy signal!

Vanity Number.If you need a special toll-free number - one that spells out a word or name for example - we will work to make that number available to you.

Virtual PBX.Save, forward and respond to voicemails. And send messages out to one or more recipients - just as you would using a high-end, high-maintenance PBX system.

Voicemail Rotation.Voicemail leads received by ConnectMeVoice get forwarded to the next person in the rotation for retrieval.

VoIP.Voice over Internet Protocol (usually read as "Voice over IP"), a telecommunications system that uses the Internet or other Internet Protocol network to transmit telephone calls.

Web Administration.Your ConnectMeVoice account can be fully administered via a web browser. Change passwords, update contact info and more - anytime, night or day.

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ConnectMeVoice services are perfect for a wide range of industries.