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Phone System Support And CommunicationFull-Circle Connectivity And Communication

ConnectMeVoice is committed to providing VoIP service and high-touch business phone system support that doesn’t have an expiration date, consumption limit or stopping point. With CMV’s full-circle connectivity & communication, your telecommunications needs are satisfied for the long run: long after system installation and solution implementation.  

How CMV’s full-circle support works: 

  • BEFORE:The circle start here.
    • ConnectMeVoice uses a 24-point checklist that methodically investigates and analyzes your organization’s data and telecommunications profile.
    • This comprehensive, customized approach ensures that our telephony experts understand your exact business phone service needs.
    • Our goal is to provide both the obvious and not-so-obvious phone system features to boost the efficiency and productivity of your business.
  • DURING:The circle picks up steam.
    • The creation of your custom telephony solution is when your partnership with ConnectMeVoice really gets going.
    • After installation, ConnectMeVoice’s training technicians make sure that each member of your team knows how to operate all the new features to get the most out of your new virtual phone system.
    • Staff training is as extensive or minimal as you want. You’re always in control of the support level CMV provides.
  • AFTER:The circle has no end.
    • Once your phone system is installed, ConnectMeVoice stays by your side. Our comprehensive follow-up program includes checkpoints at 30, 60 and 90 days after installation to make sure your new virtual phone system is working exactly as promised.
    • If your telephony needs change at any point, we make the necessary modifications right away. Your CMV phone system keeps up with your evolving business and syncs flexibly to your dynamic data and telecommunications profile.
    • Every year, we conduct a thorough analysis of our retention rate. When the numbers are down, we find out why and make the changes needed to turn things around. When numbers are up, we continue to make improvements. The secret to sustainably satisfied clients? Never standing stagnant in our own internal enhancements.

Don’t get left in the dark when it comes to your organization’s data and telecommunications potential. With full-circle connectivity and communication, ConnectMeVoice’s virtual phone system support is always by your side. 

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