Business Telephony FAQ

Connecting Your Questions With Answers

Business telephony is confusing for those who aren't experts in the industry and dealing with its technical intricacies on a daily basis. With all of its technological lingo and ever-changing trends, telecommunications is frustrating for businesses.

But with ConnectMeVoice, it doesn't have to be so confusing. Let's clarify business telephony, without the industry jargon:

What does ConnectMeVoice do?

ConnectMeVoice (CMV) provides business phone systems to organizations of all sizes.  By fitting our customers with the right combination of business telephony services and hardware, we help you and your team members fully leverage the power of modern telecommunications technology, communicate with maximum efficiency to all of your business relations and save money in the process. 

What does ConnectMeVoice offer in terms of products and services?

CMV is proud to offer three best-in-class flagship products to meet your business communication needs, now and into the future. These off-the-shelf business phone plans provide turnkey solutions and immediate benefits. Each plan includes a feature-rich voicemail system, a local or toll-free number, unlimited message storage, easy web interface for account management and a toll-free fax number.

ConnectMessage: Enhanced virtual voicemail and electronic fax with nationwide, local or toll-free numbers. This robust plan, perfect for direct business sales, includes all of the voice and messaging features needed to run your business telephony systems at peak efficiency.

ConnectAnywhere: Cloud-based PBX, hosted at our carrier-grade facility. Turn your current landline or mobile phones into a sophisticated phone system without changing your phones. It features follow-me calling so your incoming calls can find you based on your location and schedule, truly supercharging your business telecommunications.

ConnectDirect: Best-in-class business VoIP phone system for unlimited inbound and outbound calling, both domestic and international. This is a full-featured suite of hardware and software to help you grow your business and save money.

ConnectMeVoice is more than willing to work with you on a personal, consultative basis, custom designing a solution based on your exact needs, specifications and working environment.

What types of businesses does ConnectMeVoice serve?

CMV provides powerful business telecommunications solutions to clients of all sizes, in any field or industry. We specialize in four distinct categories of entrepreneurial expertise. 

Small Businesses [links to: Clients / Small Businesses]
Your small business doesn't want to appear small to your customers. This means you can't sound small. Fortunately, modern business telecommunications technology is on your side, and sounding professionally established has never been easier or more affordable.

ConnectMeVoice offers a comprehensive package of voice, voicemail, fax, auto-attendant and cloud-based PBX features for the small business phone system. Put your company's strongest voice forward by projecting yourself with the quality and polish of a Fortune 500 enterprise.

A realtor's virtual phone system plays a key role in keeping agents and brokers connected to their leads and clients. A smart system substantially improves productivity by allowing realtors to concentrate their time on only the most qualified buyers and sellers. Information-only messaging, voicemail and follow-me calling merge to form a powerful communications suite that helps win listings and close sales. 

In the ultra-competitive and time-sensitive world of real estate, where minutes and even seconds count, one of your most effective weapons is a multi-featured, easy-to-use realtor phone system.

Virtual Teams
Establishing a virtual team means gaining access to the most time-sensitive opportunities, working with the best vendors and maintaining constant connection with customers -- no matter where they are located.  

Modernizing your operations with cloud-based PBX is one of the most cost-effective practices available to a small business. Yet the ability to work cohesively from diverse locations strongly depends on effective communication between your team. Online collaboration, email, instant messaging and electronic fax are all parts of the virtual-success equation. ConnectMeVoice offers a wide range of comprehensive, high-level tools and VoIP services to tailor your virtual phone system around the needs of your mobile team.

ConnectMeVoice provides premium VoIP services to help professional organizations reach that perfect balance between optimum service offerings and efficient use of time, money and resources. Our phone systems and services are guaranteed to be cost-effective, whether you choose digital or more traditional solutions.

CMV's professional clients also use our solutions for intelligent time management. Calls can be recorded to ensure accurate information processing and call reports are provided for time tracking. Whether your practice is big or small, ConnectMeVoice ensures that the quality of your professional services is accurately reflected by the quality of your business phone system.

ConnectMeVoice also has extensive experience and expertise in providing cutting-edge business telephony systems to franchise businesses.

  • Supporting franchisers in their ongoing efforts to maintain unified communication processes amongst their franchisees
  • Helping new franchise locations perform seamless integration into their franchiser's communication infrastructure
  • Ensuring a smooth, consistent communications experience for both customers and vendors

Who are some of ConnectMeVoice's customers?

  • Snap Fitness Franchisor
    In 2009, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Snap Fitness, which operates in 44 states, as #1 "Best In Category" for fitness franchises
  • Expedia Cruise Ships
    The cruise ship division of the industry-leading Expedia travel and hospitality company
    America's #1 supplemental medical insurance company and #125 on the Fortune 500 list, with annual revenues in excess of $20 billion

I'm in a related, non-competing business. Does ConnectMeVoice have an affiliate or private reseller program?

Yes, we do. We have numerous affiliates and private resellers who are either earning generous monthly commissions or accessing our best-selling product and service packages at wholesale prices. Working with CMV enhances your product line with an attractive bundle of added-value tools. Please contact us directly to explore this opportunity in more detail.

What technology does ConnectMeVoice use?

At ConnectMeVoice, we use our own proprietary software while partnering with best-in-class technology partners to provide the most flexible and reliable telephony platform available. By leveraging redundant servers and world-class data centers, CMV has achieved a near-perfect uptime record since launching. In fact, we're quite proud to say that for the last decade, CMV has provided one of the most consistently available business phone systems in the United States.

CMV utilizes HD VoIP, along with standard (PSTN) phone lines, to guarantee one of the clearest voice communication systems on the market.

My business does a lot of faxing. Does ConnectMeVoice provide business fax service?

Yes, the electronic fax process is simple and seamless with CMV.

  • Receive faxes: Receive a complimentary toll-free fax number for electronic fax service. Incoming faxes are sent directly to your email inbox. Boost your professional appearance with the separate toll-free dedicated fax number, included free with all plans. The days of spending extra money for a dedicated fax line and fax machine are long gone.

  • Send faxes: You'll be amazed at how easy it is to send outbound faxes from your computer. Simply click to print your document and then select "ConnectMe Fax" from your printer choices. In essence, instead of printing on a local printer, you're printing the document on the recipient's fax machine -- a complete replacement for your fax machine and fax phone lines! Of course, if you currently own a traditional fax machine, you can still use it to send and receive faxes, at no additional cost, on your CMV dedicated fax line.

What is the typical project implementation time? In other words, how long will it take to install and integrate the new system from the moment I sign a contract with ConnectMeVoice? 

ConnectMessage and ConnectAnywhere are available instantly. You simply sign up online or over the phone, and the service is immediately activated. Our hosted VoIP ConnectDirect system takes up to one week to implement, depending on the number and types of VoIP phones you order.

But here's the important thing to note: You'll never experience an interruption in your phone service during phone system implementation -- the CMV process guarantees it. 

Can my new CMV system work with my existing telephones, or will my company need to buy new phones?

CMV's basic service plans, ConnectMessage and ConnectAnywhere, require no additional hardware and integrate seamlessly with whatever telephones you are currently using.

Our ConnectDirect system, with its full-featured suite of VoIP services, is a complete upgrade of your telephone equipment and service. This package requires the purchase of an enhanced business phone system from ConnectMeVoice and may require changes to your broadband internet connectivity as well. Of course, the business telephony experts at CMV help assess your needs and then determine which requirements apply to your specific situation.

We may also need to port a local or toll-free number for you, which allows you to continue using your current phone number. During this process, which can take from one to three weeks, CMV provides your service using a temporary phone number.

After my ConnectMeVoice system is installed and operational, what training will CMV provide to my team and me?

You and your team will receive clear, comprehensive documentation so you're able to make fully informed use of your CMV phone system. Printed copies of your training documents and technical manuals are delivered directly to you, and those documents are available 24/7 online as well. Upon request, we also provide high-touch telephone support -- just call us and we'll help with whatever you need.

How do I access a CMV team member for customer support? Do you operate 24/7 year-round or during business hours only?

Live general business support is available by phone from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. An online, live-person chat tool is available during those same hours as well. Email support is always available: We answer customer service emails as quickly as possible, and always within one hour on business days. Finally, we'll provide you with 24-hour emergency answering service when your situation demands it.

When it comes down to it, our approach to customer service is pretty simple: No matter what it takes, CMV is committed to making sure that your phone system maintains excellent, hassle-free operation at all hours.

What guarantees or warranties does ConnectMeVoice provide? Is there a free trial or test period?

CMV offers a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. So if you're not completely satisfied -- although we do strive for beyond satisfaction -- simply contact us for a full refund of your initial sign-up fees.

In addition, we've eliminated all yearly contracts from our pricing plans. Our services are strictly month-to-month, and all you have to do to cancel is send us an email. If you signed up for the ConnectDirect plan, we'll make arrangements for you to return the equipment -- simple and hassle-free, guaranteed. 

Where is ConnectMeVoice located, and how do I contact you?

CMV operates in the New York City tri-state metropolitan area, and we provide cloud-based (hosted) services to businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our headquarters is in Manalapan, NJ.

198 Route 9
Suite 105
Manalapan, NJ 07726