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Personalizing Your Interactive Voice Response

Custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions

Custom IVR solutions upgrade your business phone system with the power of interactive voice response.

What is interactive voice response?

IVR solutions enable your company's callers to interact with your web-enabled applications and back-office processes at any time: 24/7 year-round. Services formerly handled by live representatives are now automated, saving time, money and resources.

Your callers get the information they want -- account information, order confirmation, payments, surveys, etc. -- directly and consistently over the phone, without hassle and without burdening your representatives. This frees your team up to pursue new business opportunities and work on achieving that next level of company growth.

How can custom IVR solutions enhance my business phone system?

Store finder

When calling your company, a caller enters in their desired zip code and the system connects them with the store that's closest to their location.

Pre-recorded outbound messages

Our custom APIs allow you to send out automated calls based on certain events and circumstances, such as credit card expirations or membership renewals. For example, a fitness club may have calls made to members with expired credit cards, or to those who have not visited the club for more than 30 days.

Car loan application

Loan applicants call in and enter a unique applicant code plus their social security number. The IVR system not only lets them know if they're approved, but also faxes the applicant's information directly to a specified dealer.

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