Fax Service And Virtual Voicemail Systems

ConnectMessage Turns Up The Volume On Innovation

Supercharge your business fax and voicemail service with ConnectMessage, which provides an easy-to-use virtual voicemail system on a local or toll-free number.

Business Fax Service And Virtual Voicemail Systems

How it works:

What it costs:Free Trial

  • Only $9.95 per month 
  • Local-number plans include unlimited use. Plans using a toll-free number include 100 free minutes per month, with overage at 3.9 cents per minute.*

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What are the benefits of ConnectMessage?

Voicemail-to-email translations

All of your voicemail messages can be translated to text for only $2.99 per month after a 30-day free trial.

Unlimited capacity

Most voicemail systems refuse to accept new messages when they are full. This is not the case with ConnectMessage, which has no message limit on its storage capacity. You'll never lose an important message again.

Electronic fax

Faxes are stored in your mailbox and then sent to you via email. This means there's no need for another fax line or fax machine. Boost your company's professional appeal with a separate, toll-free dedicated fax number, included free with all plans.

Email notification and web administration

Listen to your voicemails online or have them sent to you via email or text message (SMS). Of course, you can always access your account through a standard telephone.

Flexible listening, viewing and controlling

Our voicemail system works from home offices, standard offices and mobile phones. Listen to messages, view faxes/call reports and control your account online or through email. This means you can access voicemail messages free of charge from anywhere in the world.

Question-and-answer capability

When you need more information -- an account number, address, name, telephone number, etc. -- from a caller, use the ConnectMessage Q&A mailbox. Simply record each question separately. The caller's answers are then placed in a single message that can be played over the phone or online, just like any voicemail message.

Information-only mailbox

Simply want the caller to listen to a pre-recorded message without having to leave a voicemail? No problem. You can also get a detailed list of all callers who listened to your message.

Included extensions

Select up to twenty-five extensions to give your company that established-professionalism appeal, to track advertising and to separate departments/messages.

Send faxes

With our easy outbound faxing service, simply click to print your document and then select "ConnectMe Fax" from your printer choices. This gives you a complete replacement for all fax machine and fax phone lines.

What are the features I get with ConnectMessage?

  • Toll-free local number
  • Dedicated toll-free number for faxing
  • Unlimited message storage
  • Play voicemails online or via email
  • Voicemail messages translated to text
  • View faxes online or via email
  • View and print call reports
  • Caller ID on all calls
  • Web administration panel
  • Up to twenty-five optional extensions

*Note: Unlimited-use numbers are designed for normal business use. Local numbers used for mass marketing may be subject to restrictions regarding the total number of simultaneous calls.