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ConnectDirect To Cloud-Based PBX

Cloud-Connected Business Phone Systems

Take your business phone system to the enterprise level with ConnectDirect: your cloud-based business VoIP solution. This is the business telephony system you need to promote your company's flexibility, growth and success.

How it works:

  • With ConnectDirect, you avoid the high cost of a premises-based system by simply connecting CMV's business VoIP phones to your broadband internet connection.

  • Calls will actually be routed through our carrier class facilities (the cloud), rather than your own servers, and from there they are connected to the VoIP phones, or even to a mobile phone.

  • Callers connect with you at any of your company's locations. If you have multiple offices, have the calls routed so they appear to be going to a single location for a seamless caller experience.

  • The cloud-based PBX (server) gives you the latest features, including HD calling for superior-quality sound, and the highest level of availability with zero maintenance costs.

  • Easily customize and upgrade the system's enterprise-level features to fit your company's telecommunications needs.

  • Allow customers to send text to your company phone number.
  • Request a free 30-day trial.

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What are the benefits of ConnectDirect?

Use an industry-leading VoIP phone to connect:

Use your computer or smartphone to connect:

Simultaneous ringing:

Unlimited VoIP phone service:

Voicemail-to-email translations:

Call Recording:

After-hours call handling for professional appeal:

Empower your receptionist:

On-hold options for professional appeal:

Call transfer and three-way calling:

Follow-me flexibility:

Advanced call routing and reporting with our optional inbound call center package:

Electronic fax:

Advanced fax machine support:

Email notification and web administration:

Flexible listening, viewing and controlling:

CRM Integration:

Heads-Up Display:

Conference bridge(optional)

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What are the features I get with ConnectDirect?