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A History Of Industry Innovation

Optimum VoIP ProvidersHumble beginnings with big plans for telephony
Founded in 1991 as a hosted voicemail and custom telephony application service, ConnectMeVoice was originally known as American Voicemail Network (AVN). Its founders had deep-rooted experience in the earliest hosted voicemail systems. They used this intimate telephony knowledge to build new services that boasted flexibility, cutting-edge features and affordability for small and midsized businesses.

AVN was the leader in distributed voicemail messaging and rotational voicemail service, as well as a pioneer in innovative services like follow-me calling, web interface and speech recognition.

Creation of ConnectMeVoice
As the need for premium business phone systems and VoIP providers grew, our customer base surged throughout the 1990s and in 2001, AVN changed its name to ConnectMeVoice and released its trio of flagship products: ConnectMessage, ConnectAnywhere and ConnectDirect.

Driving connectivity with innovation
ConnectMeVoice is one of the first VoIP providers to offer a full-featured virtual PBX -- business phone system -- that allows small businesses to communicate as if they were large organizations -- without having to purchase lots of costly equipment.

In addition to providing ConnectMessage, ConnectAnywhere and ConnectDirect to business consumers directly, we also have strong partnerships with the best resellers, channel distributors and licensees in the telecommunications industry.

ConnectMeVoice continues to evolve and is committed to its status as an industry leader in phone system services and VoIP solutions: creating sophisticated, easy-to-use and affordable communications systems for forward-thinking professionals and their increasingly on-the-move businesses.

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