Call Routing And Rotation

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Call rotations (rotational co-ops) from ConnectMeVoice provide creative solutions for companies that require specialized handling of incoming calls.

Who benefits from specialized call routing?

If your company or division deals in realty, targeted marketing, network, multilevel marketing (MLM) or co-op advertising, you know that you have special data and telecommunications needs.

CMV's RotationsPlus™ Plan, is especially powerful for companies conducting high-volume marketing and sales campaigns.

How it works:

  • Establish live-answer or voicemail rotations, evenly distributing incoming calls to your team.
  • Calls are received via a single toll-free number and are passed off on a rotational basis to specifically assigned members of your organization. Calls can also be routed to separate voicemail boxes -- once again, on a rotational basis.
  • Visits to landing pages on your website are synchronized with incoming phone calls to ensure even distribution of phone and web leads.

RotationsPlus gives you the following call-routing options:

Lead rotations

Individual ConnectMeVoice toll-free numbers are attached to a lead ("dummy") toll-free number. For no extra charge, we attach a minimum of five new or current numbers to this lead number.

This type of live-answer or voicemail rotation allows co-op advertising leaders the luxury of making each team member responsible for their own billing. It also allows members to use their voicemail accounts for other messages (i.e., not related to the co-op).

Box rotations

Box rotations are very similar to lead rotations, with two main distinctions. The first difference lies in the billing: The rotation "owner" pays the entire bill for all mailboxes. The second difference is that mailboxes may be used only for the rotation.

Online rotations

Call rotations are synchronized with your leads' interactions with your website. When a prospect visits a landing page on your website, they get redirected to a participant's own web page. All of this fits neatly into the overall rotation system, ensuring equal distribution of phone and web-based leads.

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